magic and boys part 20!

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Part 20! Yay! This one is longer and i hope it has enough detail. I've been working on it at school also so i hope it made it fast enough..............

Tomorrow,also known as Thursday,is our last day so i'll try and make them a lot,a lot,a lot,a lot,A LOT faster. Comment,rate,and please,enjoy!.........

Created by: fireprincess1996

  1. Josh. It was Josh! 'Holy cheese and crackers!' you thought.Josh stood there smiling mischeivously. "You thought you killed me huh? Well they brought me back. And i'm more strong." You just stared in shock.
  2. You couldn't believe it.You felt like you were gonna get sick. 'How is this possible?' you thought. "How is this possible? Well like i said they brought me back to life." He said and laughed like a maniac. 'He best not be a mindreader!' you thought.
  3. "Janise sent me to get you." He paused to laugh again. "Its very fun seeing you tied up powerless when you have so much power." He said.You growled but the sound was weird because of the ductape.He smiled sinisterly.
  4. Then all of a sudden Josh's phone rang.He answered it. "This is Josh." He said.You figured the other person was talking because he paused. "What? But i have to take ________ to you...But-Okay,i guess she can wait." He said and hung up. You raised an eyebrow.
  5. He looked at you and frowned. "I'll be back.Stay put!" He said and walked away. 'Its not like i really have a choice!' you thought. "Josh will do anything just to make Janise happy." Someone whispered. You jumped. 'I thought it was only me in here.' you thought. "Sorry.I didn't mean to scare you.Your _________ right?" They asked.You could make out the gender now.It was a girl.You nodded. "I thought so.I'm Dulcesita.I've heard a lot about you _________." She said and came out of the shadows and into the moonlight. "Here,let me help you." She said and took off the ductape and untied your hands and legs.
  6. You looked at Dulcesita. She has light brown hair,dark green eyes,and tan skin. She looked back with a half smile. "So,why are you here?" You ask. Her smile got wider. "I killed half of Janise's vampires last year and i have been here since." She says.
  7. She took your hand. "Would you like to see your future?" She asks. "Huh?" You say. She giggled. "I can see the future of someone by reading their hand." She says. "Oh,so kinda like palm reading?" You ask. "Yes.So,would you?" She asks. You shrug. "Sure." you say.
  8. She smiled and closed her eyes. "Hmmm." She says. "What?" You say with curiosity. She didn't answer right away. After a couple minutes she says, "You will fight in a bloody battle." She says. "I know." You say. "Ah,but you don't know who will win." She says.
  9. "Right..." You say and you looked at the ground thinking about it. "You need more practice but i see you have already mastered sword fighting." She says and smiles. "So,you wern't kidding when you said you can see the future." You says laughing a little. "Of course i was.I don't lie about what i do." She says and opens her eyes.
  10. "And your in love. With three boys." She says and your eyes widen. "Well-I-I..." You stuttered and blushed. Dulcesita giggled. "No need to be embarrassed." She says. You smiled. Then out of nowhere you got an idea. "Hey,i have an idea." You say. Dulcesita looked at you with curiosity. "Lets hear it." She says. "Okay,well when Josh come's back to get me and when he opens the cell door we hurry and push him out of the way and run." You say.
  11. Dulcesita's eyes lightened up. "Thats brilliant!" She says. After a while you heard footsteps again. "You ready?" You whisper to Dulcesita. She nods excitedly. The footsteps got closer,then closer. Your heart quickened again. Then you realized there was three sets of footsteps.
  12. You looked at Dulcesita. "There may be a change in plans." You whisper. "What do you mean?" She asks. You smile. "I think some people are coming to rescue me and you." You say and she smiles. "But wait,who are these people?" She asks. You paused to think if she already know them from what she saw. "Well,you'll just have to find out." You say finally.
  13. The footsteps were closer. You took a deep breathe and said, "Hello?" Dulcesita looked at you like you were crazy. "What are you doing?" Whispers Dulcesita. "Just watch." You whisper back. She nodded and waited. "___________?" Said a voice.
  14. Its was Alex. "Yeah its me." You say. Dulcesita looked at you and smiled. "Its those one boys isnt it?" She asks. You nod. The guys came out of the shadows and looked at you,than Dulcesita. "How did you find me so fast?" You ask. "Well i think you know." Alex says and winks.
  15. "So,are you gonna help us or not?" Dulcesita asks. They looked at one another for a minute and looked back at you guys. "Of course!" Says Fang. You both sigh in relief. Alex,Max,and Fang searched for a key. "Um,guys?" You say. "Yeah?" Max asks. "What if Josh took the key with him?" You ask. They all think for a minute. "Then we would have to try and open the cell door." Says Alex. "So can you do it?" Asks Dulcesita.
  16. The guys walked over to the cell door and started pulling. After pulling for what seemed like forever,the door finally came off. You and Dulcesita walked out. "Thanks." Says Dulcesita. "Thank you so much!" You say and and you hug the guys.
  17. "Well,well,well. You got free,but you can't kill me." Says Josh,who is just now reaching you guys. Max growled and Fang and Alex stood in front of you protectively. Josh looked at you and tilted his head. "Well look at you. It must seem nice to have some protecters." He says and you snarl. "If you say that then you must be jealous." You say and smirk. "Funny." He says. Max punched Josh. Josh just stood there and smiled. "Nice try." He says and pushed Max.
  18. "Max!" You shouted and ran over to him. Josh laughed. Then everything turned blurry. 'No,i can't be crying.' you thought. Josh walked up to you. You could see Fang and Alex passed out on the floor and Dulcesita was trying to wake them up. Josh had a knife in his hand. He held it up and pushed it down and......
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