magic and boys part 18!

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Hey! I'm sooooooooooooooo sorry for taking so long to make this quiz! I've been busy with school stuff! But in about 3 weeks it's summer break.So.....

I'm hoping i can make them faster! Again! I'm really really really really REALLY sorry! So in the last one you returned to the mansion right? Well in this one,well,you'll just have to find out!

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. You felt someone shaking your arm. You opened your eye's and saw Alex. You jumped. "You scared me!" You say and Alex laughs. "Thats what? Two time's now?" He asks. You smile and laugh. "Shut up." You say and punch his arm playfully.
  2. He smiles and laughs. "Breakfeast is ready." "Okay." You say and get up.Alex walks out and shuts your door. You go to closet and pick out a random outfit,go to the bathroom and brush your hair and teeth. You put on your favorite pair of converse and than you headed downstairs.
  3. Once you reached the kitchen you smelled pancakes. You smiled and your stomach growled. You sat at the table in the middle of Fang and Max and Alex brought you your plate of pancakes.
  4. You picked up your knife and fork.You licked your lips and started cutting and eating like a pig.*me: xD* You noticed the boys were looking at you so you swallowed. "What?" You asked and your cheeks got hot.
  5. They just laughed and continued eating so you did the same.When you were done eating Fang and Alex went outside to work on some selfdefense moves.You looked at Max and said, "Hey.Do you know what day it is?" "Tuesday? Yeah,Tuesday." He said.You smiled. "Okay thanks!" You said and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.Max smiled and blushed.You laughed and ran up to your room.
  6. You closed your door and looked for your phone.You moved some books off of your night stand and found it. 'I know it might not work but i'll just see just in case.' You thought and pushed the red button.To your suprise it turned on.
  7. You got some texts from Crystal,and Jay but that was it,and you had 10 missed calls from Crystal,and 5 voicemails.You texted Crystal 'I'm fine.Chill out.' Then you put your phone on the charger and headed back downstairs.
  8. You went into the kitchen and looked out the window. Fang and Alex were praticing with swords.As if senseing you looking at him Fang turned and smiled at you.You smiled back and walked toward the door.
  9. You walked outside. "Why are you outside training in the middle of winter?" You asked. Fang and Alex shruged. "Well than,can you hand me a sword?" You asked smileing. "I sure can!" Said Alex and he handed you one.You spinned it in your hand and then you looked at Fang and Alex.
  10. "She's got that mischievious look on her face.." Said Alex smileing. "You bet i do!" You said and got in a fighting postition. "So.Who wants to practice with me first?" You asked. "I will." Said Alex and he got in a fighting postition also.
  11. You made the first move by swinging your sword pretty fast considering it's kinda heavy. Alex is caught off guard for a moment but then he swings his sword and blocks you. "Woah!" He said and your smile got bigger.You swung your sword again almost cutting Alexs' arm but he blocked you again.
  12. Fang was looking very amused.He was studying your every move. "You look like you can't keep up." You said laughing.Alex laughed a little too. "Well I didn't know you knew how to sword fight." He said and you laughed more.You swung some more and Alex blocked you every time.You dicided to do something different.You waited and let him try to hit you.
  13. He made a move and you blocked him.You hit his sword so hard that it flew out of his hands and on the ground! Alex and Fangs eye's look like they're going to pop out of thier heads. "How did you do that?" Asked Alex. You smile. "My uncle taught me." You say. Max walks out of the house and looks at you and to the sword. "Her uncle taught her." Says Fang. Max nods and you laugh.
  14. "Your turn Fang." Says Alex. "Oh no.I'm not fighting her! She's got mad skills!" He says.You smile even bigger.You looked up and saw its was snowing! "Its snowing!" you say and looked at all the boys. "Oh hey look! It is!" Says Max. "We should head inside now." Says Alex. "Yeah." Says Fang and you all walked inside.
  15. Okay!Thats it for part 18! Comment and rate!

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