Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 5)

Yay part 6.

Okay, so in this part, you start your mission in somewhere very unexpected to find someone that is very unexpected when you find out who he/she is.;) Enjoy the story and CCCOOOOMMMMMEEEENNNNTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  1. You wake up to- the night. You suddenly feel a splash of water on your face and laugh as the water tickles you. You jump up to find Nyla giggling with a small cup of water in her hand.
  2. "Nyla?" you ask her. "Hmmm?" "Why is it still night?" she says, "Use common sense, Upiorzyca. You're in Hell. It's always night." 'Wow,' you think. You go into the bathroom and brush and shower and change and whatever. Then, you come out and follow Nyla out the door. She leads you down a maze of dark hallways until you both reach a room the size of your bedroom at home. The boys are already there. Eulisses turned and winked at you. Granger and Viktor are reading a book from the Maximum Ride series. Damon is humming a song you didn't recognize. Finally, all of them turn and look at you and smile and mouthed 'good morning.' Eulisses whispers in your ear, "You're looking sexy today." you glare at him, feeling self-conscious about yourself. He grins.
  3. Then, a woman of about twenty enters the room.*me-you and Nyla are sixteen and the guys are seventeen. Same birthdays.* She looked familiar to you, but you just can't recall where you've seen this woman before. "Upiorzyca?" Viktor says shyly. "This is Felicity. She is telling us where exactly to go for our mission." you nod, smiling at him. "Hey, 'Zyca! That's short for your name, okay? I don't care if you like it or not but whatever. Okay so you guys are all going to Africa." "Africa? What the hell?" you exclaim. Nyla giggles, but the guys are all leaning forward, lingering on every word Felicity said. Felicity continued, "There is a demon living there in the Sahara Desert," she said, seriously. "The demon serves the Mother. Your mission is to find the demon, get information on where the Mother is, and kill him immediately." you frown. "Why?" "Because once she tells you the info, he will tell the Mother about you." you nod. "Okay, guys it's one-thirty. I'll meet you all at lunch. Upiorzyca, Nyla and the others will review what you're supposed to do one last time and then we're going bye-bye. Okay?" you laughed and said yes. Then you all went to eat lunch.
  4. After eating, the guys and Nyla take you to another room. There, the guys review with you on what your role is in the mission. You are really nervous and fidgety. Butterflies are in your stomach. 'What if I die?' you think. 'What if anyone else dies?' then you think, 'I'm being stupid. I'm Upiorzyca, the Warrior Girl. I should be strong.' you nod at whatever the guys were saying right now. Damon and Viktor and Granger were smirking at you for your nervousness. After the review session was over, everyone left, except you and Eulisses. He kissed you on the forehead and said, "It's okay to be nervous, Upiorzyca. We're all here for you. If something goes wrong, we'll be right there." you nod, gulping down a feeling of homesickness. Nyla calls you and Eulisses down. You all load onto a sleek, black private jet, take off, and are on your way to Africa.
  5. You sit with whoever you sit with but don't talk much. You're all overwhelmed in knowing what to do when you meet the demon. You land at the airport and hop off and go through security and get your luggage and all that good stuff. Then you go out of the airport. There's a Land Rover waiting for you*me-whatever the hell it's called.*. So, you all hop in and drive into the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert.
  6. So far, five minutes passed and you've drank four full bottles of Poland Spring. That's how hot it is. The only signs of life were cacti and an occasional lizard or snake slithering by. The rest of the desert was made of nothing but sand and heat. Eulisses was driving the Land Rover. The rest of you were looking out for the cave where the demon lives. Suddenly, you spot a big black-thing. "Viktor! Granger! Damon! Eulisses! Nyla! Felicity! I think I found the demon's lair!" you yell. They all turn towards where you're looking. They all murmur softly, "Yes. That must be his lair." you all jump off and run to the cave. The deep sand muffled the sound of your footsteps, but Felicity and the others and superhuman speed and Damon and Nyla could fly. You couldn't keep up with them, so Damon swooped low, picked you up and flew up, cradling you against his warm, hard chest. After reaching the entrance to the cold, pitch black cave, he set you down.
  7. You all entered the cave without flashlights. Since Nyla and the guys could see better in the dark than they do in the day, they could guide you and Felicity there. Felicity was basically a human, except she had x-ray vision. You all walked for a while in the dark cave, the sound of all your footsteps (except Granger's) echoing off the stone walls. Suddenly, you heard footsteps behind you. Everybody was in front of you. 'What the heck?' you think. "Um," you start, so scared about who might be following you that you didn't notice the rest of the group staring at you. "I know someone's following us, so come out, p-p-please," you stammer.
  8. A boy steps out of the shadows. He has red, spiky hair and is wearing all black. Behind you, the guys calmly turned and looked at him. The redhead grinned evilly at you, showing sharp, pointed teeth. "Hello," he hissed. His voice was dripping with evil and sarcasm. You squirmed a bit. "Are you the demon?" you choke out. The boy cackled. A wicked, rasping laugh. Instead of answering your questions, he looked at the boys, still standing calmly around you, with Nyla in front of you like a shield. "It is a pleasure to meet you again, boys, and oh yes, Nyla," he remembered. "The last time I met you, you were only a little puny baby," he said. 'He must be the demon,' you thought. Suddenly, the dude turned to you and said, "Why, of course I am your demon. I take the form of the hydra, the Greek monster," he told you. You glared at him. "How do you know them?" Felicity said, motioning toward your supernatural shield. The demon smiled. "I am their half-brother. Their mother's other son."
  9. You growl menacingly at him. He only laughed. "I will defeat you this time, Upiorzyca. In your previous life, you had killed me. Now I am back. Stronger than before. The more you kill me, the more stronger I get." he said. Viktor spoke this time, which was surprising since he hardly spoke. "The girl is in our hands, Silam," he said, figuring that Silam was the freaky evil dude's name. "You must fight past us if you want the girl." "Yeah, freak," Eulisses yelled. "Whatever he said!" Granger and Damon and Viktor sighed. You couldn't hold back a giggle. Silam only smiled. "Let the fight begin," he said.
  10. Silam's head turned into a gruesome hydra head. It stretched out of his body. His body developed into a hydra body and wings and eight more heads stretched out. Viktor's clothes turned into a black cape. His clothes still stayed, but he grew fangs as long as a Gaboon Vipers'*me-which are about two inches long.* Granger turned totally transparent- but he still had clothes on. Damon grew black, majestic wings and hovered in the air. Eulisses grew pointed ears and claws. Nyla turned into a sleek, black dragon, flew into the air and roared, which shook the Earth. Viktor was armed with a bow and arrows, Granger was armed with a spear, Damon was armed with a mace, and Eulisses was armed with a sword. Nyla didn't need any. She was a death dragon anyway.
  11. "Guys, remember!" Felicity yelled. "Don't chop off the heads! Stab him in the-" before she could say anything, Silam the hydra snatched Felicity up and flung her into another room. "FELICITY!" you shriek. In anger, Granger hefts his javelin and hurls it at the monster's heart. He misses by an inch, instead piercing the hydra's lung. Viktor placed an arrow in his bow, pulled back, and released two arrows at the same time, piercing both of his eyes. Damon swung his mace onto the hydra's back so hard that you could hear a crack from the hydra's back. Eulisses skillfully leaped over the hydra's tail and stabbed it in the neck. The hydra roared from the painful wounds. But the hydra could still fight. Eulisses calmly walked over to you. "My brothers and I talked through each other's minds," he said. "We knew that we could defeat the monster easily. We must see if you are worthy of being the true Upiorzyca. You must kill Silam, the hydra." you stare at him and gulp. "Now?" "Now." *me-choose one 'what.' These affect your result.;)*
  12. You gulp again. "No weapons?" "No weapons." you walk slowly over to the hydra. Suddenly, a flashback of your previous life came to your mind. You had leaped onto the monsters neck, crawled forward, and smashed him down onto its back. It was so surprised that it didn't see you stab it in the heart and kill it. Back to the present- your eyes glowed red. You did exactly what you did in your previous life. You smashed Silam onto the ground and stabbed him the heart at least ten times. Then you ask him, "Where is the Mother?" he whimpered and said, "In the Caverns of Death," was all he said. You jump off him and stab him in the gut, finally ending the immortal life of Silam, the Hydra.

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