Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 3)

Part 3 is OUT!!!! ginger, if you're reading this, I'll continue with The Amulet series as well as this one. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and can't thank you enough. Please take both series! This is not only to ginger but to anyone else reading this!

So, thanks again, ginger. Anyways, in this part, you are gonna train with the boys, find something interesting, and be very surprised at the end. COMMENT AND RATE!!!!! THANX!!!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak
  1. Someone is shaking you. You roll over and groan. He still shakes you. You whine and kick the person who's there, your eyes still closed. "Get outta here, I wanna sleep," you yell, rolling over again and tangling up the covers. The person shaking you chuckled. "It is me, Granger," he says. You gasp and wrestle with the covers until they finally come off. What do you say to him?
  2. *assuming you picked second answer-* He laughs and sits next to you. He traces your back from the top of your neck to the middle of your back. You couldn't actually feel fingers. You felt a chilling, bone tingling cold that went rushing down your spine. "Granger?" you say with a shiver. "Mmmm?" "Your hands are-" "Cold?" he interrupted. "Ya. Hey, did you actually die to become a ghost?" you ask.
  3. He sighed, still tracing your back. "It is not like that," he murmured. "You may not understand." "Tell me!" you insisted. "As you wish. ______, you see, we were born as different beings on purpose. Our father is part dark elf, part dark angel, part vampire, and part ghost, therefore having all powers over every kind. Look. Since he is part of four beings, his body is divided into four sections for each being to fit. We were born as quadruplets, therefore having one each of our father's powers."
  4. "How was your father like?" he smiled at his past memories. "Well, he was very, very strict. He taught us how to read when we turned one year old. He started teaching us fighting with weapons and our fists and sorcery. He also taught us to be experts in all the sports, including dancing and singing. If we disobey the rules, he would make us sit in a room filled with sunlight. You do not know how much torture that was." right then, the door opened and Damon entered. "Hey, lovebirds, you two are late for breakfast," he says. Granger snorted and punched Damon lightly in the arm before leaving. Damon laughed and led you downstairs.
  5. All three of you went downstairs and began eating. Everyone was silent. You caught them stealing glances at eachother and wondered why. Suddenly, a thought flashed in your head. You asked them, "Shouldn't you guys be drinking blood and stuff?" they stared at you. Finally, Viktor broke the awkward silence by saying, "I do not like the word 'stuff.'" he said 'stuff' with pure distaste. Eulisses sighed. "I'll answer her question," he grumbled.
  6. "______, we're not like any other vampire or dark elf or whatever." Granger and Damon glared at him. Viktor smiled and patted Granger's back. Eulisses smiled sheepishly. "I-" "You have another question, right? Let me continue your first one," Eulisses said. "So, yes, blood and flesh are our most important and healthiest food. What we are eating right now," he said, pointing to his oranges, "are junk food to us." you stared. "As for your second question, how can we touch Granger if he's a ghost, is that when we are born, we're family right? It's the bond that lets us touch eachother and not get hurt by eachother's powers."
  7. You all finished eating. Damon says, "Meet us at the courtyard in three hours." then they just disappeared in a swirl of black. You walk around the house, finding nothing better to do. Finally, you stumble into a big room. There are four king sized beds with their names carved in an elegant script. You wander around the room. In front of the bed is a painting that takes up the whole wall. In the center of the painting is a man that looked exactly like the boys, except he was taller. He had all the boys' hair colors combined and actually had emo-ish clothes and make-up and hair! He had jet black, leathery wings like Damon, pointed ears like Eulisses, fangs like Viktor, and floated above the ground like Granger. Four boys, about three or four years old were gathered around him. The little boy who looked like Damon was sitting on his father's shoulders. The boy who looked like Viktor was hugging his father's leg and peeking in front. The boy who looked like Granger was hugging his father's waist and the boy who looked like Eulisses was in his father's arms. They were all smiling. But holding the father's hand was a woman. She was beautiful. She had long, thick red hair that fell all the way down to her feet. She was wearing a black, velvety gown that matched her red eyes and hair. You at once realized that this painting was of Viktor, Damon, Eulisses, and Granger when they were younger, their father and their poor mother. You touched the fragile painting and left the room.
  8. You go downstairs to the living (or family) room and look out the window and almost faint.*me- I'm using stuff from the other quia series I made so sorry!* They were practice fighting, if you could even call it that. The moves they did were spectacular!!! They did one thing where they ran across the trees, leaped into the air, and spiraled down head first like a hurricane. Then they did another thing like leaping as high as the house and doing a split *me- no trampoline!* and diving back down. It was awesome!
  9. Finally, they walk inside. There's not a scratch or a dirt mark on them. You couldn't help but blabber, "That was so awesome! Howdya do that? Can you teach me? I-" they interrupted with a laugh. "Doing what we did requires much endurance. We must start from the beginning. Only simple kicks and punches. Once you advance further, we will go more hard on you." "Okay. Wait, guys?" "Yes?" "I saw the painting in your room. It was awesome. You were all so cute! And I really want to know- how did your father teach you?" Viktor smirked. "The way his father taught him, and you do not want to know how he taught us."
  10. You all walked outside. "Are you all teaching me?" you ask. "Yes," they say. Eulisses shows you a side kick. *me- I take taekwondo classes so I know what I'm talking about.* "Twist on your left leg and back on your side." you did as he told you. Granger held your shoulders to help keep you steady. Viktor said, "Now, bend your knee and release your kick with full power." you couldn't do it. *me- trust me. It's kinda hard.* Damon lifted your leg up high. You screamed and complained. It hurt! He didn't stop until your leg was over your head. "That is how high you should kick," they chorused. "Kick again," Granger ordered. You side kicked again and it went over your head and down with power. "Excellent," they compliment. You grin. Practice went on and on. You learned many awesome kicks *me- I learned these in taekwondo.* like the tornado kick and the jumping back kick, punches like high punches and double punches, blocks like the knife hand block and low block and other really really cool stuff. When you were finally done, you ate lunch and went to learn your first sorcery lesssons.
  11. *me- I'm relating this to Eragon now.* The boys took you outside again and gave you a small pebble. You stare at it. "A pebble? Seriously?" you ask them. They smile. "Close your eyes and remove every single thought from your head. Concentrate only on the pebble, and nothing but the pebble. Think about levitating- there you go. Open your eyes." you open them and see that the pebble is up, suspended in midair! You were about to cheer, but didn't want to lose concentration. The boys congratulated you and continued on with the lessons. *me- I'm not telling you what else you learned.:)*
  12. It's dinner time. You eat alone though, because the boys went off to hunt. For some reason, while you were eating, you thought you sensed someone watching you. The back of your neck tingled in fear. The boys wouldn't be back in an hour, which made you feel even more insecure. You shivered and got up slowly to put your plate in the sink when someone grabs you roughly on the neck and pins you down on the table. The person snarled at you and said, "Don't even try to escape. You're gonna be dead both ways anyway."

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