The Guardian: Part 7

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Hey guys! Part seven here, so be prepared for anything! First off, I've decided to put all of my other series on hold so I can focus on this one, since many people like this one.

Now, this is going to be where I just do random shotouts!I'd like to thank Ericat for reading and commenting on this series and like to thank them for updating me on their series! I'd also like to thank weirdhead, for not only reading and commenting, but for suggesting characters! If you don't already, make sure to read their series as well! So... Thanks to both of them, for encouraging me so much!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. I tiredly rose out of bed, my whole body shaking as I began to feel this overwhelming feeling of stress. Tiredly walking across the room, I tugged on a cute oversized guy sweater that reached a little under my upper thigh, and put a pair of short shorts underneath it, but they were completely covered by the sweater. Slipping on a pair of knee high white socks and converses, I ran my fingers through my hair and walked into the living room with a sigh.
  2. "Oh em gee! Angelica! You look awful! I mean, you look like a goddess, as always, but you look so scared!" Amanda said, taking hold of my arm and dragging me to where the guys all stood. " Sorry. I just had this crazy feeling this morning." I shrugged, all of the guys and Maddie staring at me. "What feeling?" Grayson asked, putting a hand on my forehead with a frown. "Like I was being watched or something. I just didn't feel all alone, although I'm pretty sure I was." I explained. " Angelica.... I will not allow thee to attend school without me there." he said, cupping my chin in his palm as he gave my nose a quick kiss.
  3. " Grayson, I'll be fine! I have Amanda, Maddie, Louis, Zach and Castiel there." I protested, but he didn't seem pleased. "I am going and that is final. Now I must brush up on my English." he said, him and Louis leaving the room. "Why didn't you say my name?" Blaze asked, a little hurt I hadn't mentioned him. "Blaze, I'm supposed to protect you, not the other way around. You aren't supposed to worry about me." I explained, taking a hold of his hand with a smile. " Yuck! It's too early for romance you two! I'm trying to eat my Lucky Charms!" Zach whined, shoving a red box of cereal in front of us with a groan.
  4. " Mwah! Love me some Lucky Charms!" Blaze said, giving the box a quick kiss. " Auh! Maybe there is still some hope left for you after all!" Zach gasped, throwing a hand over his mouth in mock surprise. " You two are dorks." Amanda laughed, doing an awkward dance. "And you aren't? Come on over to the dork side, we have Lucky Charms." Zach said, everyone but me understanding his joke. " You poor uneducated child, Angelica. Trust me, once you finally agree to hang out with me, you'll understand our stupidity." Zach said with a wink, making me frown.
  5. " Zach! Stop being a pervert! She has no idea what you're talking about. This poor, sweet, innocent, angelic, girl doesn't need to be ruined by you." Maddie scolded, his face darkening as he gave a frown. " Sis, you have a dirty mind. I was only suggesting she hang out with me sometime." he said, laughing as she blushed in embarrassment.
  6. " Guys, we need to go." Louis said, Grayson following after him in a loose fitting T-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a pair of black converses that made his eyes pop. " Fine. Where's Castiel?" I asked, looking around curiously. " Here I am. Sorry, I overslept." Castiel said, walking into the room with an odd frown, suddenly giving my hair a sniff once he approached me. "Uh?" I muttered, watching his face reddening. " What's wrong, Castiel?" Grayson asked, finally able to speak properly. "He's been here. I can smell his scent in her hair." Castiel replied ominously, Graysons eyes going wide.
  7. " We need to get to school, then, we'll need to guard her at all times." Grayson said, quickly taking hold of my wrist and guiding me outside, " Grayson, please explain what's going on." I insisted as we quickly walked across the street, the others right behind us. " Remember Castiels dad? Well... He's after you." he said. " After me!? Why me!?" I asked in confusion, squeezing his hand in fear.
  8. " Look, Castiel just told me the truth. His dad, Daemon, Isn't his dad. Lucifer is. Daemon is his twin brother." he explained in a whisper. He lied to me. "What!? He lied to me? Why?" I asked near tears, Castiel coming up to me. "Angelica. I didn't want to scare you. Daemon... He was told that when you were old enough, you'd be his. Grayson was told the same." he explained, giving me an apologetic look.
  9. "Let's just get to school. I'll yell at you later." I huffed. "Yippee. Now I have something to look forward to." he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes in a way that shocked me. " Uhm.... Ooh! Look!" Zach said, pointing over to a group of teens surrounding something. "What's going on over there?" Grayson asked curiously. I closed my eyes, using my powers to see in the eyes of one of the teens. Quickly opening my eyes, I gave a shrug. " Some guy. " I said. "Ooh! Is he cute!? Is he dreamy!?" Amanda asked with a squeal, laughing as I gave a small shrug. " He's decent, I guess. Depends on what you like, I guess." I laughed, watching the guys give sighs of relief.
  10. " Awww! You need to be more open minded Angelica!" Maddie insisted as we approached the school, walking in and being swarmed by a crowd of teenagers. " You! You're the girl who Rebecca tripped yesterday, right?" a girl asked with a smile. " Uhm. Yeah." I blushed, Blaze walking over and taking my hand. " She got in huge trouble for it. I heard she got expelled, and transferred to a military school! I also heard you are now the most popular girl in school, so, congrats." she smiled, walking away with a pleased look. "Woah. That's... Crazy." Blaze chuckled softly, letting go of my hand once he was sure I was safe.
  11. ***Lunch time***The entire day, I was bombarded by groups of teenagers, fawning over me and my beauty, begging for me to befriend them. I was glad once lunchtime came, when I could sit by my real friends. I glanced around, not seeing them around yet, so I went and took a seat by myself. " Ha. Having a tough day?" a voice asked, their smile evident in their voice. " No. " I lied, turning to face the teenager the crowd had gathered around earlier. He had pale blonde hair, perfectly tossled, his eyes a deep hazel that appeared red in a certain light, his smile seeming deadly yet beautiful at the same time. " You sure about that? I'm pretty good at knowing when someone's lying to me." he chuckled softly, taking a seat beside me.
  12. " Okay. Yeah, sorry. I'm just not used to strangers prying into my life." I sighed, offering a small smile. " I get it. I did sort of just sneak up on you. Seriously though, what's bothering you?" he asked. " It's nothing, really. Just highschool drama and all." I shrugged, smiling as he gently took hold of my hand. " You're funny, you know that? I've seen you being bombarded all day with adoring teenagers, and you just shrug it off. I, on the other hand, can't stand the crowds around me. It's just how I was raised, I guess." he smiled, a cough cutting me off before I could talk.
  13. " Angelica, come here." Grayson insisted, immediately pulling me up and taking me halfway across the lunchroom. "What is it, Grayson?" I asked with a sigh. " Keep away from him." he insisted. " Why?" " I... I think that's Daemon, Castiels brother." he explained, my heart racing as I looked back over at the guy. "He... He's Daemon?" I asked.
  14. " Yes. Look, let's.. Let's go get the others and leave. It's no longer safe here." he insisted, taking me by the hand and leading me to the others, who were chomping down on burgers, chatting with smiles on their faces. " Guys, we need to go. Now." Grayson stated, Castiels eyes going wide as Grayson motioned over to Daemon, who sat looking out through a window. " Oh my... " Castiel muttered, him and the others escorting me outside, our hands linked with one anothers as we took off running.
  15. " Guys.... Take her far away. I'll distract my brother for as long as possible. Angelica..." Castiel said, turning to face me, tears in his eyes as we stopped moving. " If I don't get to see you again.... Just know I love you." he whispered, tears now trickling down my face too. " No. No Castiel. Please... Please don't make me go." I sobbed bitterly, lying my head on his chest, buried in his embrace. " I have to, Angelica. I have to." he whispered, tilting my chin up, giving me one last kiss, passionate and sweet, the after taste bitter as we said our goodbyes.
  16. " Come on, Angelica! We have to go!" Grayson insisted, tugging me along beside him as the others followed too. " Where are we going to go?" Blaze asked, allowing us to borrow his car, a large oversized red vehicle that fit all of us. " My friend up in the west coast has a place we can stay. It'll take us a while to get there, but.. It's our only option right now." Louis shrugged, The others nodding in agreement. " Angelica, cheer up. We'll be okay. He'll be fine." Amanda whispered to me, giving my knee a sympathetic squeeze as she took a seat across from me in the car.
  17. " I hope you are right, Amanda." I sighed, resting my head on Zach's shoulder as I shut my eyes, drifting off into a restless sleep.
  18. ***Daemons POV***She found out! She knew who I was. " Dang it!" I huffed under my breath, chasing after her and her group of friends, Castiel apart of the group. How fitting, I grinned. I watched as Castiel kissed MY girl, her face full of shock as she said goodbye, her friends forcing her into a car, leaving Castiel behind. Once I was sure they'd left, I walked over to Castiel, giving a grin. " Hello, Castiel. Long time, no see"***
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***Sorry?!

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