Hey, what's that? Where am I? Part 2

Hey, look! It's part two!! We actually did it! (Okay, I actually did it, but still! ) I'm really having a lot of fun with this series and I hope you guys are too.

In this next part of the Where am I? Series, we continue our adventures with Constance... Or should I say... No, I shouldn't. And mouse as she makes a most interesting discovery!

Created by: thisismyquiz
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  1. (we're starting right where we left off). "But it IS! And who's Admiranda?" you detest, standing up and feeling the ground beneath you is fluffy, like a fairytale cloud. "Why, you are! That's what your nametag says!" the mouse snaps. "I don't have a nametag!" you reply in frustrasion. "Of course you don't! That's silly! But you can't have such a dumb name as Constance Elaine Hemphry-" the mouse begins. "Jeffrey," you interrupt, "and my name is not dumb." "Well, Violetta told me to tell you your name was Admiranda." he retorts. "Who's Violetta?" you ask.
  2. "Violetta? You don't know whom Violetta is?" laughs mouse. "I just landed here five minutes ago." you reply snarkily. "What? You've been here hours upon hours!" says mouse dreamily, drifting away into what seems to be a cute little town. "Wait up, Chopped liver!" you yell, running after the mouse. "Oh do shut up!" the mouse says back. "Where am I?" you inquire, when you and the mouse have reached the edge of the town. "Where are you?!" laughs the mouse. "yes. Where am I?" you ask haughtily. "You are here, of course." the mouse wipes tears from His eyes. "Yes, but where's here?" you sigh impatiently. "It's just east of Walmart." mouse replies.
  3. You simply can't try to figure anything out this way. "I'll say goodbye now, chopped liver." you say, chin in the air, stomping into the town, which looks rather like the toy town you had set up in your room when you were five and had left there til you were twelve. Then with a start you realize it IS the town you made. "Because Lady Dog lived in the pink candy shop," You say as you pass a pink building where a pretty dog was peeking out the window. "And that is where the football man lived," you point to a yellow town house. "Its so odd how they're all life size here." you murmur.
  4. All of a sudden you know who Violetta is. "VIOLETTA IS THE PRETTY PURPLE BALLERINA!" you shout with sheer delight. And sure enough, a very surprised (and gorgeous) ballerina doll who appeared to be near six feet tall said in a clear, sweet voice, "Admiranda! It's you!" and curtsied.
  5. "You were listening. You heard me say I wanted to change my name to that," I said in shock. "Yes, of course," Violetta nodded. "This is where you all disapeared to?" I asked in surprise. I had just thought Mother trashed them. Mouse came speedingly back. "Of course she didn't trash us you bafflehead!" he said. "But I never had a mouse." I said.
  6. "Nope." the mouse turned gleeful circles in the air. "You didn't." "Then how-" I began. "Of course this isn't just the land of toys, dearie. It's Here, and Here is a magical place!" Violetta spun around. "His rude comments are hardly magical," you think. "Neither are yours, little Miss Witty!" mouse says. "That's a compliment." you notify Him. "So?" the mouse flies away, and it doesn't seem odd to you to see a mouse flying. "This is just one part of Here," went on Violetta.
  7. "There's also a forest, a huge sunflower patch, the Rock Candy mountain, oh, such divine sights," mumbles Violetta. "Mm. That's nice," You say politely. "Nice!" Violetta's eyes almost Pop out of her head. "They are glourious, Miss Admiranda!" "Yes, of c-course." you say shakily.
  8. "It's time for supper now, wouldn't ya know?" Violetta changes the subject. "Goodness gracious me! I must get home! I have to be there when Donna and the little terrors arrive! I was supposed to go to the store!" You say in a frantic rush. "Don't fret, Addi. I can call you Addi, right? Don't fret! We have different time Here. It's hardly been a minute back where you live," Violetta assures you.
  9. "I have dinner plans with Football Man tonight. Perhaps if you walked around you'd find a good place to eat?" suggested Violetta, walking towards the town house. You stride up and down the busy streets until you stumble upon a YumBurger . You remember that! When YumBurger first opened, you had recieved a mini model. It's amazing to actually eat inside Something you once held in your hand, you think.
  10. "I guess so," says mouse from a booth. You join him and have a surprisingly nice dinner. "Hey, wait! What IS your name, mouse?"

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