The Girl Who Lived part 44

Been a while since I updated so I figured that while I had some spare time from writing that I would do a tad of posting online. Part 3 of Prison Bresk coming soon.

Thanks for reading. Let's see, thanks for reading and for all the people who comment their opinions on the comments page. I might not to be able to update us much as I have for a long while with a bunch of work coming in but I will try to update as regularly as I can. Lastly, Check out my new story Prison Break.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. After dinner, George and Fred went to work outside working on preparations for the party.
  2. "All right, let's begin with creating the pasta sauce. This is something you can make a day before serving if you don't have a lot of time before serving." I taught them various skills I had learned throughout my cooking years. Ron wasn't much help but I made him official taste tester. The aroma flowed everywhere making your mouth water. Garlic, onions, bacon, tomato sauce and paste with the flavouring of wine all combined in several large pots with various spices filled the room. I circled around the room to make sure that there weren't any safety hazards that I should have been worried about. My other assistant stood stood and seemed to be staring at a board of onions that were half chopped.
  3. He wasn't looking at the cutting board, but at the knife in his hand with blood on it. I headed over towards him, all the other chefs seemed to be doing just fine. Although, Ron wouldn't stop bugging the chefs around him with taste testing until they finally lashed out at him. "You must've cut yourself while chopping onions. Here, follow me." I brought him to the butler's pantry where I had stored my backpack with a safety kit. I dug out the safety kit. "You should be more careful with sharp knives, although a dull knife is more dangerous to be using. Let me see your cut." He held out his arm that had several slashes on it. I applied rubbing alcohol to disinfect it to prevent infection."
  4. "It stings." He mumbled just audible enough for me to hear. I continued on with applying rubbing alcohol.
  5. "It wouldn't hurt so much if you hadn't cut yourself." I commented not looking up. "You don't look like you enjoy cooking, so why are you doing this job?"
  6. "None of your business." He said rudely.
  7. "Sorry." I said unapologetic and retrieving the gauze from my bag.I wrapped his arm in the gauze tightly but not to the point of cutting off circulation. I put away the rest of my first aid equipment and returned to the kitchen. I stored the sauce in the fridge and we began preparing the Salmon. I gave an example on how to cut the Salmon, showing them various ways so there wouldn't be just one right ways, but several. Unlike math where there's only one answer. We skinned the Salmon and threw away the parts that weren't meant for human consumption, tossing out bones and skin. We cooked the Salmon and stored it in the fridge, preparing the butter sauce separately. This way, the fish wouldn't become soggy overnight.
  8. We finished the preparations that could have had been done now before the party began. Everything had been prepared, except for the pasta and the last minute things that could be done right before the party began. Morning came sooner than expected and although the chefs had prepared to do an all-nighter, they were still tired. Since we had finished early, I allowed my team to sleep in a few of the many guest rooms at Malfoy Manor, knowing that they absolutely couldn't work in these conditions. Everyone slept for a couple hours and we headed back down to the kitchen where I served breakfast knowing that without energy, my team of chefs wouldn't be able to even last the day. The time soon began to do the last minute touch ups on the food before the real party event would begin. I had Ron and my other assistant watch out for the others although I was confident enough that they wouldn't even need my assistance. I headed downstairs to the dungeon where my old room under the stairs was and I had last placed my backpack. There was this odd ooze coming out from the walls which suggested that it needed a thorough cleaning. I opened the door to my room, it was the same from when I had left it 2 years ago although there were spider webs in the corners and heavy coat of dust. I opened my backpack to reveal many hygiene products, extra clothes and my dress and platforms.
  9. Slipping on that navy blue taffeta dress, I noticed that it had reached my knees. Although, I had noticed that the dress was designed for taller people. I put on my platforms and attempted to walk in them around the room. I should've planned this through and tried wearing these shoes before today, but I didn't so I'm going to have to not fall on my face. I brushed my teeth again, trying to improve my appearance and attempted to put on the pure silver necklace Draco had given me. I was still playing with the clasp when the maid Hilda knocked on my door.
  10. "Master Draco requests your presence now." I stopped fumbling with my necklace and followed her upstairs to a room at the end of the lit corridor. She knocked on the one door and pushed me inside. "I have brought her as you asked sir."

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