The Girl Who Lived part 40 (end of year 2)

As I had said in my last chapter, I have posted part 40 today which is the last part of year 2. I guess that's what I get for coming up with a plot that starts at year 1.

Thanks for reading, but I think it's time for me to take another writer's break. Where I'm going, I won't be able to post these quizzes for a while and I think I deserve a little break.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I wheeled away with him. Well, more pushed than wheeled.
  2. "So, glad you came. Did Harry irritate you too much or was it the blackmail the twins dished out?"
  3. "It was neither." He continued pushing the wheelchair out towards the lake.
  4. "You sure? Your not scared that flower chick would come after you? I heard she's annoying as Moaning Myrtle."
  5. "Parkinson? Yeah, she's the worst. Always clinging to me."
  6. "Where are we going?"
  7. "You'll see in a minute. I wasn't planning on it taking this long but, with you in a wheelchair, there's not much I can do about it. Plus, you're heavier than I thought."
  8. "I can push myself, don't worry about it." I waved it off and wheeled myself faster than he had pushed me.
  9. "No, my father wanted me to be a perfect gentleman when I asked this." He sped up, gripped the wheelchair handles and pushed me towards the tree. When we were right near the lake, he pushed me under a weeping willow. It was a wonderful view. The stars stood out in the dark night sky even from looking at it from underneath the weeping willow. Draco held up a lantern and with the whip of his wand lit the lantern. The moment was just magical, joke intended.
  10. "What were you going to ask?"
  11. "Well, I wanted to ask if you would work at the Malfoy Mansion for this party I'm hosting. Will you?" He held up the lantern at an angle so I could see his face and he could see mine.
  12. "Yeah, no problem. Is that all? I want to get back inside before they start to worry." I turned myself around and began heading towards the hospital wing.
  13. "Scarlet wait, that's not all. Will you also my companion for the evening?" His face turned a very slight shade of pink that you'd have to squint to see in broad daylight.
  14. "I'll think about it." I winked, and continued on rolling towards the wing. When I arrived, everyone gave a sigh of relief. We ate some of the food that they had brought and then, they packed everything and left. I fell asleep in the hospital wing figuring that sleeping there would be easier than climbing up all the stairs. The next morning, everyone packed their bags and stood on that familiar platform waiting for the train to pick us up.
  15. "So, do you have an answer?"
  16. "yes." The twins came over to me and wheeled me away towards the train.
  17. "Time to go Scarlet, we have to board you first before anyone else cause of your wheel chair." Said George.
  18. "What about my suitcase?"
  19. "Oh don't worry about it, Ron's got our stuff." Fred pointed at Ron who was carrying a total of 4 suitcases and it wasn't working out too well for him. The twins wheeled me to the front of the train. They placed me in a normal compartment in the wheelchair closest to the window. I stared out the window wondering what my third year of Hogwarts would bring.

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