The Girl Who Lived part 17

so, hey guys. This is it. Almost to the 20th chapter. I have to speed things up to the second year. Anyway, thats about it for now. yup. So, yeah thats it.

So, thats about all I wanted to say in this chapter. It isn't that big of a deal. Year 2 will begin real soon. Sorry for the hold-up. anyway, hope you enjoy.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. In the morning, Harry introduced himself to Mr.Weasley while I helped Mrs.Weasley prepare breakfast. The only one absent from the kitchen and living room was Ginny.
  2. "Mom, is it okay if Harry goes camping with us?" Ron had his mouth full of food and reaching for a biscuit that I had just put on the table. The food fell out of his mouth." Mrs.Weasley saw what Ron was doing and she slapped his hand with a wooden spoon before he could grab a biscuit.
  3. "You ought to know not to eat before a meal. It'll spoil your breakfast. Yes of course Harry can come with us. He's such a good influence."
  4. "You ought to know not to eat before a meal. It'll spoil your breakfast. Yes of course Harry can come with us. He's such a good influence."
  5. "I know it would ruin my breakfast but these biscuits are good. Scarlet made them, that's why they were good." Ron muttered under his breath. It seems Mrs.Weasley hadn't heard this little rude remark of his. Ginny had woken from her deep slumber. She came downstairs, cluthing the railing. She was in a fuzzy pink robe and a long nightgown. She had bedhead and I could tell that she was a heavy sleeper just by the looks of it.
  6. "Hello, I'm Harry Potter." Harry went up to Ginny and extended an arm. Once she saw who she was talking to, her face turned a pink hue and shook his hand. I put down the biscuits I had taken out of the oven and headed over to save Ginny from more embarassment.
  7. "Hi Harry, it's so nice to see you again." I crushed him in a hug. "This is Ginny, Ron's sister and the youngest Weasley." I left the scene with them talking about Hogwarts and the excitement of it. I packed my few belongings that I had and prepared to leave for the camping trip. We packed our stuff and left for the woods, hiking up several hills just to get there. When we reached the area, it was the perfect spot. The sky was dark and there was a sparkling lake next to where we had set our stuff. I began to set up my tent but Ron could see I was having trouble.
  8. "Here, let me help." I moved aside to see if he could actually fix the tent. It was a failed attempt on his part but it was worth watching him. In the end he had gotten himself tangled in the tent, it's netting and pretty much anything around him. "Scarlet, can I get a little help?"
  9. "No, I have to prepare dinner." I turned my back from him and headed for the damp sandy area near the lake. Harry tried to get Ron untied but that was before Ginny went past him and stuck her gum onto his nose. The twins followed her example and did the same.Before Harry could do anything, Ron hopped after the twins while they took photos of him as they ran.
  10. "These will be great blackmail photos in a couple years." Commented the twins as they slowly walked by.
  11. "Oh, faster Freddie. At this pace he'll catch us. We'd better step up our speed to walking normally." The twins walked normally and stopped right next to me. "Hey Scarlet, do you need any help catching fish?"
  12. "I guess so, I only have nets so far. I just need some bait. Ginny's collecting firewood, Ron is putting up the tents. Well, whatever is left of them. Lastly, Mr.Weasley is building a fire and Mrs.Weasley is unpacking our stuff. Harry is trying to calm Ron down but it doesn't seem to be working out very well."
  13. "No problem, where do we get the bait?"
  14. ?""Where else? We dig for worms in the ground. It's a chore I think you guys would enjoy."

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