The Girl Who Lived part 12

Hey guys. Been a while, is in a couple of days. Anyway, I was up last night hurrying to get the chapters done. I wanted the deadline to be the end of Sunday.

But in the end I was able to finish writing year 1 all last night so all I have to do now is to post it onto here. Anyway, thats about it for now. As usual, I hope you enjoyed this part.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I woke with my back sore but I was still excited. This'll be my first day out of this cursed Hospital Wing. I looked around me to find the only one who hadn't stirred was Hermoine. Neville gently knocked on the door and entered the room with a plate of pancakes.
  2. "Rise and shine. I have breakfast for you. You've got a full day ahead of you so your going to need as much energy as possible."
  3. "Thanks Neville. I'm feeling guilty now since you "˜ve done so much for me and I haven't done a thing in return." He didn't say anything but he just gave me a warm smile like he usually does. I've grown accustomed to his smile. It's cheered me up several times. It reassures me everything is going to be okay. I insisted that he would have some of the breakfast he had brought me. We had finished eating and then I dressed in my robes. The bruises on my arms and legs were a purple tint. I put on my Gryffindor white collared shirt, grey skirt and dark purple leggings underneath my skirt to hide the bruises. Lastly, I put my Gryffindor grey cardigan over my white shirt. Once I had finished getting ready, the twins and Neville were waiting for me with a wheelchair. I sat in the chair and the twins began to argue. They were both dressed in Gryffindor quid ditch uniforms.
  4. "I'll push you in the wheelchair going down to the field." Stated Fred who pulled the chair toward him.
  5. "But I want to push her." George said as he pulled the chair away from Fred and toward him. That was only the start of it. Their bickering led to shouting and the gentle rocking of the chair turned rigorous shaking back and forth. It had gotten to the point where I felt sick to my stomach. Meanwhile Neville was panicking in the background.
  6. " Fred, George. I'm starting to feel nauseous." They still were bickering and it seemed as if they hadn't heard a word I said. I stood without any of their assistance and I punched both of their arms with about half of my remaining strength.
  7. "Thank you. I punched you two idiot so hard because you wouldn't stop your argument. We need to get to the field, the game is about to start." They pushed me downward, each twin taking a handel while Neville walked beside us. When we were down at the field, the twins got their broomsticks and got ready for the game to start. Neville pushed me to the sidelines next to the bleachers and we watched Harry catch the Golden Snitch. I also saw the professor who had gotten Oliver to assist me back to the Wing. If I can recall, I think his name was Snape. He was standing in the shadows watching intently at the game. I remember what I had seen last night. While the others were sleeping, I couldn't so I went into the hallway and took a little stroll. I saw Filch giving Snape medicine for a gash on his leg. Suspicious.
  8. end of part 12
  9. part 13 will be out soon
  10. part 14 will be out even later

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