The Girl Who Lived part 2

So, this is the second part. It's not very funny but I tried to add humor into it. In my defense, I tried. I won't say that I succeeded to make you laugh.

Anyway, I didn't work that hard on this but, it took effort. I do not own the Harry Potter series. If you like my works then you should check out mcqueens hottest quizzes of the week.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. After dinner I brought out dessert, it was an angel food cake, store bought of course. Silence around the room was broken by Mr.Weasley. "I've been informed that Scarlet has been under your care for quite a long time. I'd like to verify that you have the documents. From my point of view, her living and working conditions are quite unfair. She isn't treated like she's adopted. Scarlet is treated as if she is a maid."
  2. Lucius decided to argue. "She wasn't adopted into the Malfoy family. She was entrusted into our care by her parents who were unable to care for her. We have given her shelter, food and clothing." "Then you don't mind if the Weasley family adopts her into the family? I think my family could use another girl in the house. Plus, I'm quite fond of her already even though I've only known her for a few hours. Ron seems to fancy her even more. The boy has never been fond of girls. When he was little girls would bully him. It's a surprise even-" "Dad!" Said Ron who cut off his babbling father.
  3. "Wait, if I was entrusted into your care, then who are my parents?" I asked. "Go ahead and adopt her. She's just been a waste of space anyway." Stated Draco who ignored my question. "I'd like to excuse myself now." I said putting my hands of the table hoisting myself up. I walked in long strides until I was out of sight, that's when I burst into a sprint. I sprinted past many of the other servants who gave me strange looks as I passed. I ran down the dungeon stairs and into my room under the staircase.
  4. Surprisingly, the space I had to live in under the staircase was quite cozy.There was room for a twin bed, a couch and a bookshelf in which I kept magic textbooks and cookbooks. I've been learning magic and practicing in private. I am forbidden by the Malfoys to do magic. There was a knock on the door and in came the last person I would've ever thought to comfort me. Draco knocked on the door frame and closed the door behind him. He handed me a letter. A letter from Hogwarts.
  5. I opened the envelope with care and tried not to rip the envelope that had been addressed to me. I never receive mail. It was a letter directly from Albus Dumbledoor inviting me to learn wizardry at Hogwarts. Out of shock, surprise or maybe even pure joy, I gave Draco a bear hug. He was surprised at first but hugged me back. He got up and started for the door but stopped halfway and turned to face me.
  6. "The adoption papers have been signed and you are officially Scarlet Weasley. There is also a note found that was written by your parents entrusting you in our care. As of now, both families have custody over you. You will leave tomorrow." He turned on his heel and exited my room shutting the door on his way out. I packed all of my things which only took a matter of minutes since I had practically nothing. When I finished packing I heard a peculiar sound that caught my attention. The sound of someone yelling an unforgivable curse.
  7. I ran toward the sound with urgency. A green light emitting from the room. I stopped in my tracks when the curse was yelled again and I had found the room. "Crucius! Why did you give her the letter inviting her to Hogwarts! Do you want her to find out who her parents really are and be put in danger because of it!" with that, Lucius aparated out of the room and I snuck in. Draco was laying on the floor, cuts and bruises everywhere and he was laying in a pool of blood. His blood. His wand snapped in half. I brought supplies and bandaged or cleaned his cuts that could have gotten infected if not treated. When finished I put away the supplies and left the unconscious Draco where i had found him.
  8. The next day i was changing homes. I find that I'm surprise I've gotten used to Doby's complaints and the smell of sewage in the dungeon no matter how many times I scrubbed it spotless. I sat on the front porch of the gloomy Malfoy Manor waiting to be picked up. Last night after I bandaged Draco's cuts the servants I knew said their goodbyes. None of the Malfoy's said their goodbyes. Narcissa was off on a trip, Lucius was just a jerk and Draco is probably unconscious. The air was clear and crisp, perfect for moving.
  9. The day was perfect. The sun was shining, a flock of birds enjoying themselves in a garden I had planted and best of all, Lucius was no where to be seen. But out of nowhere I spotted an object hurtling toward me and the birds flew off. I ducked for cover just in time. when everything had stood still, I found a flying car had landed in the middle of my garden scattering the dirt and plants everywhere. Two boys who were identical in almost every way, including their clothes stepped out of the car and toward me. They looked a year or so older. I noticed Mr.Weasley and Ron exiting the car and heading toward us.
  10. "I'm Fred, and this is-" Said one of the twins. "George" Said the other pointing at himself. Even though they were twins I could already tell their voices were slightly different and so were their personalities. "Dad, this is the best birthday present ever!" They said while messing with my hair. "She's not your birthday present. Your birthdays were half a year ago." Stated Mr.Weasley. "Really? But can't we still keep her? It's extremely rare that we find a girl that we like. It seems Ron likes her too even though he is bullied by girls and-" They started.
  11. "Why do people keep mentioning that? It only happened because Ginny wanted to play dress-up and you used magic to change my clothes in public when we were passing an all girls school." I had stayed silent while they were talking and began to burst with laughter. I think I'm going to like my new family.

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