It's Complicated Part 2

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So right now I will explain the story. Jessica is the type of girl who wants herself a hot guy and to be popular. She falls in love with an amazing guy named Logan Walker. Another shy girl who has 19 sisters and used to live in an adoption center named Hannah Roberson also falls in love with Logan causing these 2 girls to butt heads. If you know what I mean.

Personalities. Logan Walker- He is a hot guy who isn't really the manliest. He likes to wear make up and is afraid of one thing. Hannah Roberson- Sweet, shy girl with 19 sisters and lived in an adoption center. She is originally from Tennessee. Jessica- A snobbish girl who wants to be popular. She is from California. Alexis Loukota- A happy girl with strong desires to become famous Megan Flanegan- Your average girl who goes with the flow Hannah Brugleo- Best friends with Hannah Roberson and is the complete opposite of Hannah Roberson.

Created by: Sombody Somewhere
  1. Please go up and read the paragraphs. i explain the story there. I can't believe I forgot to explain the Story. I am such an idiot!
  2. "Who's she?" Jessica scoffed. "I think you know perfectly who I am so why don't you shove it?" I said. "You can go back up to my room, I'll be back up in a few minutes. I have to help this girl return to her home." Logan said. "Ok sweetie. I just want to talk to this girl real quick." Jessica said. Jessica pulled me to a more private spot. "Listen Hannah, Logan is mine because he is gonna make me popular and I think I am falling in love with him anyway. But I will be popular and you know it. So does that little cockroach of a child. I suggest you keep your mouths shut if you know what's good for you. And back off. Logan is mine." Jessica slapped me hard and strutted into Logan's room. Logan took my hand and lead me towards his computer.
  3. ****Logan's POV**** Hannah is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Stop it Logan, you will be dating Jessica soon. But Hannah is so nice and amazing and I just love the way her hair wavy brown hair falls right onto her shoulders. All those thoughts rumbled my mind as I printed out the map to her house. "Here you go. Hey uhm.. Would you mind if I visit sometime?" I asked. "Oh sure. But what about Jessica. Aren't you dating her?" Hannah asked sourly. "No.. She's cool though. But compared to you, she's fire." I said. Hannah smiled and slipped right off of my not so fancy office chair. "Are you ok?" I asked. Hannah got up and moved her hair back into place. "Oh yeah. I am perfectly fine." she took the map. "I guess I will see you later." I said as I walked Hannah to the door. "Thanks Logan." She kissed my cheek an went out leaving me with Jessica. "Remember Logan, You are in love with Jessica. Not that girl you just met." I said as I went upstairs to my room with the pretty girl there.
  4. *****Jessica's POV***** Summer went by and before I knew it, I was back to school shopping with my mom. The rest of my summer was boring. Logan and I became best friends chewing Bazooka bubble gum. We went to each other's houses to. Schedules we were mailed in and Logan and I had all the same classes. The first day of school rolled along.I walked to locker 306 to find Logan at locker 307. He was a little out of sorts today. Usually, Logan is calm and smooth talking but today, he was jumpy and he talked so fast I couldn't keep up. "Honey," The words escaped from my lips before I could swallow them back up. It was when we both blushed that I really knew I fell in love with him while pretending to be in love. I then continued with my sentence. "What's the matter?" I asked. "I'll ask you later.." Logan got his stuff out and walked with Hannah to class. What did he want to ask me? He probably just wanted some paper. Logan is low income. Downhearted that Logan didn't love me and I wasn't going to be popular, I walked to 1st period with tears streaming down my cheeks.
  5. ****Logan's POV**** I really love Jessica. I think. I prepared myself to ask her out with Hannah multiples of times over the summer and one more time today. While I was reviewing what I was going to say, Jessica walked in with tears ruining her "artificial" look. Jessica didn't really need as much make up that she usually used. "What's the matter my sweet?" I asked. Jessica blushed then had a weird flirty face. Then she went back to normal. "Nothing. It isn't important." Jessica said. "Well it has to be if your crying..." I said, slightly stroking tears away. Jessica smiled and said "I'm fine. We can sit together at lunch today." I nodded and turned in my seat as 1st period started.
  6. *****Jessica***** It was about time for lunch when Logan caught me. "Jessica." He said at the same time I had said "Logan." "I love you Jessica. Will you-" I cut him off. "Oh why would I say no?" I said smiling widely. I was finally going to be popular! We then walked hand in hand to lunch. On our way, I got a reproving smile from the school's popular, Sharon. At lunch I broke the news. Keli was staring at Logan flirtatiously causing him to uncomfortably squirm in his seat. "Who's he?" Keli asked. "Logan here is my new boyfriend." I said proudly. All the girls (Hannah B, Hannah R, Megan Flanagen, Emily Lewis, and Alexis Loukota) cheered except for Keli who looked a little cheesed off. "How did you guys meet?" Alexis had obviously been anticipating the day any of us had a boyfriend to ask that. "Well, I met Logan while jogging over the summer." I answered. "Awesome!!!!" Alexis yelled. "Yeah. Awesome. Amazing.." Keli said flatly. I sensed something wrong but I ignored it. I had a hot boyfriend who will make me popular and I had the best friends ever. What could go wrong?
  7. At that moment I found myself pinned to the wall and slapped 4 times. "What the Hell?" Keli screamed.
  8. Cliffhanger!!! SO. Please leave comments and thank you all for reminding me to explain the story!! I am still an idiot.
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  10. Goodbye now!!!

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