Love Story by PandaGirl 6

**** I'm so sorry for how long it took to make this quiz ******* For all of the people who read this before, I'm so happy if you've found this and are starting to take it again :)

You are a girl named Sophie, not knowing who your in love with, while everyone's in love with you, causing lots of drama in your life. Please rate and ***

Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. OMG GUYS! I'm so sorry it's taken SO FREAKIN long for the next quiz to come out!
  2. I hope some of the people b4 that took these will come back SOMEHOW. LOL sorry I'll get on with it....
  3. Okay, so if you haven't taken these before than I suggest u do... HEEHEE * And to refresh your memory if you have......
  4. You woke up after the 'resurrector' incident with the Carson's. Dustin is there.... You talk, he says he loves you :)))))). After he leaves you check your phone and your friends left. * Got it :D
  5. Okay, here goes.... * You rub your eyes, your still tired, and you think, could this all be a dream. That's not even possible... you think back to last night, it seemed like months ago, years. The pizza boy, grown ups... and the resurrector. The machine that would bring back Dustin. The boy with the brown hair. The cute boy that thinks your his soulmate. Could it be?
  6. Thank god it's Saturday. You probably wouldn't of gone to school anyway. You slip on some sweats and go downstairs. As you eat cereal, you turn on the T.V. YOUR SHOCKED. The news reporter says, " Woman was attacked by a so-called "werewolf" this morning on the way to her car...." Oh. My. God. This can't be! Was that Vilkacis? What is going ON?!!! Why would he do that???!!! While all those thoughts are going through your mind, you hear a knock on the door, interrupting your thoughts. Who could it be?
  7. It's just a girl-scout.
  8. You politely refuse. You have no idea what to do. You need to talk to someone. Anyone. Your parents aren't home, but your really not that close to them. THEY wouldn't know what to do, and besides you weren't going to cal them when they were at work. Who else? Your friends wouldn't believe you, not even Hailey, your bestie. Then suddenly, the idea pops into your mind. But thats crazy. Why would I do that? Thats crazy. Im gonna do it. You checked your pockets. In your back pocket, you found the number. The pizza boy's number. You ran upstairs to get your iPhone. You dialed in the number. You waited a few seconds before you pressed call.
  9. After four rings, he picks up. "Hello?" ... "Yeah hey.... it's that girl... from yesterday..." "Oh hey! I didn't actually think you'd call." You could hear a smile in his voice. ... He asks, "Whats up?" You say, "Its a long story..." And I know this sounds cheesy, but he says, "I've got time." you tell him the whole story. He's completely silent throughout. You wonder if he's still there. "I can tell your not joking... are you okay?" He says.
  10. You feel so close to him somehow, like after you've told him all of this..... you don't know. You feel like your friends now. He says, "Do you want me to come over?" You think about it.
  11. Even though it's kinda weird, you say yes and give him your address. After all the weird and unexpected things that have happened, what could go wrong.....
  12. Not to long after that you see a car pull up in your driveway. You open the door before he gets there and welcome him in. It's a little awkward at first, but after you guys started talking for a couple minutes.......
  13. You guys told each other all of your secrets and everything about yourselves... He was so nice and listened to everything you said. You guys talked for hours. You thought he was kinda cute :)))) and you could tell that he liked you too. You felt like you could tell him anything, and that he would listen. Again, you guys talked for hours with out realizing it until,,,,,,, you heard another car pull up into the driveway. IT WAS YOUR MOM
  14. He notices too, and you both stand up. "What do I do?" He asks. You take his hand and pull him to the back door. After you hear your mom come inside, you tell him to go to the front of your house. You both smile at each other and say good bye. He's sooo cute when he smiles (LOL). Before he leaves you yell, "Wait- what's your name?" He says, "Joey," and runs off. Joey, you think.
  15. When you go inside, your mom's in the living room, watching T.V. She asks whos car that was. You quickly reply, nobody, and run up to your room before she can ask anymore questions. You lay down, tired, and wonder if Pizza boy, you mean Joey, will call you tomarrow. As you shut your eyes you wonder about the Carson's and Vilkacis too.
  16. You sleep almost all of Sunday. You think you would've yesterday if you could've :)))))))) You kept waking up and going back to sleep until four. Having mixes of nightmares.... and amazing dreams.... until 6 o'clock. You wonder if you were drugged yesterday XDDDDD. You finally decide to get up, after you given in to your stomach. Once you've gotten downstairs you hear a knock on the door. It's Andre and Charlie
  17. Andre says "Hey babe and kisses you on the cheek. Charlie says "Good morning..." which is cute since it's night time, and kisses your forehead. You realize how much you've missed these boys :)))))) You go and sit between them on the couch and catch up. They explain that Dustin's been sleeping for three days straight.
  18. After a while you ask if they've heard in the news about the "were-wolf". They say they have and asked why. "Well remember that boy, that was bleeding before?" That was a weird thing to remember, but it's about the only thing they'd know about Vilkacis. You explained to them about EVERYTHING. You were afraid they would be mad, but they weren't. They each gave you another hug and comforted you. "You know you could've called us :))))"
  19. They left not too long after that. You ate a snack and went back up to your room. You thought about all the boys again...... You thought about how it would be Monday tomarrow... You thought about all the drama in your life right now...... you couldn't keep your eyes open any longer. Right before you fell asleep, you heard a howl.
  20. I hope u liked this quiz :))))) *LAST QUESTION*: Who do you love?

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