Just another love story

this love story will introduce you to a couple of guys who are in LOVE with you. you will then have to decide who you want to sped the rest of your life with

I don't really know what to type so just take the quiz and stop reading this. hope you like it comment and rate and tell me if I should keep going with this love quiz.

Created by: kimmy2224
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  1. It's the last day of school an your walking home oath your best friend Hannah." do what are you gonna do for the summer" asks Hannah. " I'm taking a trip to Florida" you say happily. " ugh your so lucky. I have to take care of my two idiot brothers the whole summer." you two keep blabbing on about what your gonna do during the summer when you finally get home. " we'll I have to go. see you later" says Hannah. " Kk bye". you walk into you house. " hey I'm home" you say throwing your book bag on the floor. "any one here?!". no respond. your dad must be working still. your mother pasted away when you were 2 so you and your dad are really close. you diecide to take a walk in the park but first you go up stairs to change. when your done you walk out with your iPod hearing music. you walk all the way to the park. as your there you feel someone watching you. you look all around but no one was there. you shake the feeling off and keep walking. the summer breeze blowing your hair back and the sun kissing your check was so relaxing. you walk up to the little river and sit on a rock. then your here something behind you.you turn around quickly and see something coming straight at you.
  2. "hey are you okay?" (alex)you hear someone say. "I told you not to throw that rock at her"(josh) you hear someone else say. " hey at least i got her here" said the first guy again. you then start to open your eyes. You were in this huge Mansion. You were laying on a huge lavender red couch in the living room. You look up and see four super hot guys. Alex- dirty blond hair, light brown eyes, eight pack and a cute smile. Matt- brown hair, green eyes, six pack, nice smile. Andrew- blond hair, blue eyes, eight pack. Josh- cutest smile ever, brown hair, blue eyes and a six pack.  
  3.  You quickly sit up and look at them "what..who...where am I?!?" you scream." your fine don't worry"says Matt.  "fine?! you guys kidnapped me! in gonna call the police and-". josh cuts you off " just calm down were not gonna hurt you"says matt. "how can i calm down? you kidnapped me! im leaving" you say and run to the front door. alex runs up to you and picks you up. " ahh put me down!". You try to kick him but he grabs you tighter and then begins to tickle you. You start to laugh do hard you think you might faint.  " ahh stop!" you say still laughing. "first you have to promise that you will stay and let us explain" says Alex. "ok ok fine just put me down!" you yell. He puts you down on the couch and sits next to you." ok but first let me introduce you to us.  this is josh, Alex, Andrew and I'm Matt. 
  4. hey cutie" alex says and winks at you. "Andrew- "hey babe. I'm Andrew your future husband" he says and winks at you. he is so corny.  hey ___" says josh and blushes. you couldnt help but think it was adorable. " wait. how do you know my name?" you asks surprisesd. " we're are your protectors. we have to know you to protect you. " says andrew. "protect me? form what?" you ask. Alex- "Nicole. She is the dark angel and wants to steal your powers".  "powers? what powers? and why does she want it?" you ask. " we'll The five of us are immortal. everytime someone is born the gods dicide to give them immorality or to let them go as normal people" says Andrew. " and when you were born the gods saw something special in and decided to give you the most amazing, powerful powers in the world. now all we have to do is figure out what they are" says Alex. 
  5. " wait.  you don't even know what they are?" you ask. "no thats one of the reasons they sent us to you. so we can find out what your powers are and train you to defeat Nicole. but you have to trust us" says Josh still a little red. " ok. so where is Nicole now?" you ask. " we don't know, but she is really close. that's why tomorrow we have to we're going away to a secret island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea". " oh my gosh! no way!" you said happily. " so you better get some sleep" says Matt. Your smile then faded away. " but what about school? what about my parents and my friends?" you ask. " we got that covered"says Josh. 
  6. "okay well I'm gonna go take a shower, if I can even find it. This place is huge" you say. " maybe I can help you find the bathroom. you know, just to help out" says Alex and grins at you. " gee thanks but I think I can manage" you say and start to walk away. you stop when you hear whispering. "damn she's hot!" says Alex.  " yeah I wouldn't mind sharing a room with her" says Andrew and the rest laugh and . You pop your head in the room " I heard that" you say smiling. Andrew and alex blush. you walk away smiling. 
  7. You try to find your way to your room. The house was huge. has you walk yiu saw it , 5 rooms, 2 swimming pools, 3 bathrooms, and a game room. that's all you saw and you were only on the second floor! you finally made it to your room. you walked in and it was probably the biggest room in the house! it had a flat screen tv, a king size bed, a huge bathroom,  2 huge walk in closets and every Girly decoration you can think of. you looked all around the room. you open your closet and it was filled with clothes and shoes. The guys already went shopping for you. cool. You take off your   shoes and throw them in the closet. " do you like it?" said Andrew. you jumped up and screamed. " woah it's just me" he said. " what are you doing here?" you ask. " I don't know the guys are downstairs playing there stupid video games so I decided to come here" he says and smiles at you. he stares right into you eyes.  
  8. his deep blue eyes making you melt. he was so cute! "well I have to take a shower so do you mind?" you say looking away. " nah I don't mind" he says still sitting on the bed. " what I meant to say was LEAVE!" you throw a pillow at him playfully. " oh so you wanna play around ball" he picks you up and throws you on the bed. he starts to tickle you. you laugh so hard you couldn't even breath. " I..I can't breath! STOP!" you say out of breath. " say your sorry" says Andrew smiling at you. " I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorrrrry!!" you scream. he finally stops and you sit on the bed trying I catch your breath. " good girl" Andrew says and. winks at you. "ugh your so annoying" you say and punch him. he laughs and walks out " if you need me I'll be in the kitchen". " thanks but I WON'T be needing you". he starts to walk out but stops at the door and stares at you. he looks at every part of you. you feel uncomfortable. " would you stop looking at me like that". you walk up closer and hold the door waiting for him to leave. there was a tall little table near the door with a glass of juice that Andrew was drinking and left there. you look at him and he just stands there looking at you. " stop" you swing your hand out and by accident you spilled the juice all over him.        
  9. " oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that" you say. " nah it's cool. now I can do This" he takes off his shirt and reveal his perfect eight pack. ** wow it must be my birthday. He is so cute!** you think to yourself. " haha thanks so are you" you grins at you. " huh?" you ask confused." I have the power to read minds". he says with an even bigger smile on his face. " oh we'll that's great. now get out" you say blushing like crazy! he gets out still smiley. " ugh boys" you say smiling. you walk into the shower and feel the hot water pouring down on you. today's been a long day. you couldn't believe that YOU had powers and an enemy. how come no one told you before? and how don't the guys know what your powers are? these questions kept popping into your head. Just this morning every thing was normal and now everything is just like a story. you stop thinking for a while and just relax. the hot water is really relaxing. after about 20 minutes you get out and change into your choice and walk out the room when you run right into some else. " oh I'm sorry" you say. " nah it was me who bumped into you". says josh. Then you realize that he was wet and just came out of the shower. His long brown hair was wet and looked way cuter then before. he had a towel around his waist. You look at his perfect six pack and tab body.  "oh" you say and blush. " Haha your blushing" he says satisfied. " am not" you push him playfully. " don't worry. I like you too". he winks at you. " what ever happened to the shy josh" you ask. " he comes and goes" he smiles at you. You look straight into his crystal blue eyes.  that were do beautiful. Your eyes lock and you guys stare at each other for about five minutes. " umm.." you say a little trying to break the silence. "oh I'm yeah. you wanna go downstairs" he asks. " ah yes I'm starved" you say. " come on I'll show you to the kitchen. He walks you into the kitchen and you see Matt at the fridge with a sandwich hanging out of his mouth. "
  10. hey" you say laughing. " oh hey" he says with his mouth full of food " wow you look great". You blush and say "thanks . You look...hungry?" You say and laugh. " yeah Matt is always hungry. he's the pig of the house" says Josh laughing. " am not" Matt throws the sandwich at him". you and matt start to laugh. then josh joins in and laughs with you. " ima go play video games with The guys" says josh. " Kk bye" you say." alone at last" says Matt walking a step closer to you. you blush and don't say a word.  he steps a little closer to you. he leans in and says " I really like you". he leans closer so you Guys are half an inch close to each other.  "  
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! I loved making this love stoy and if you liked it rate and comment!! thx u so much for taking my quiz. LOVE Y'ALL!!! 😃

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