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  • Hi(:
    "I gtg. Hav a good day:) bye"
  • Hi(:
    "Lol. My summers going great it can get rlly hot here but not today. It's kinda fresh out"
  • Hi(:
    "Lol so hows your summer been?"
  • Hi(:
    "Same. Just laying on the couch all bored"
  • Hi(:
    "Wats up?"
  • This is a Spam page
    "Plz Take my quiz! It's called Juat another love story Just another love story (part 3)"
  • Hey
    "Guess not bye"
  • Hey
    "Any1 out there?"
  • Hey
    "Oops....rong forum thing"
  • Hey
    "Any1 out there?"
  • It's funny
    "wow that was Awsome and very true. I loved it"
  • Do I like him?
    "Uh YEA. If he asked u its probably bcu he likes u and wants to see if u like him."
  • Do I like him???
    "If u want him to like u, u hav to talk to him. Just go up to him and say hi. Soon u'll be havin a conversation with him every day:)"
  • Need help!!!
    "I'll try:) thx"
  • Do I like him?
    "Aww he really likes u!! U guys were ment to be"

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