Just Another Love Story (part 2)

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  1. umm" you say trying to think of something to say " so got anything here to eat? I'm starved". Matt steps back and blushes because you didn't want to kiss him. " oh umm yeah there's food in the fridge. take anything you want". He fakes a smile and leaves. you feel so bad now. oh well. you went to the fridge and took out a cooled pizza and shoved it in the oven. you waited while the pizza was done. you sat on a stool and waited.  " hey what are you doing?" you jump out of your seat in surprise and fall onto Alex. " omg you scared me" you say freaked out. " I can tell. you okay" he ask.  " oh yeah I'm fine" you tell him still ontop of him. you stare right into his  breath taking light brown eyes. He smiles his cute little smile. You feel so calm so safe. you feel frozen but you jump back to reality. " oh I'm sorry" you get off of him really fast. 
  2. don't worry about it. so you liking it here?" he ask you. " we'll I've only been here for a couple hours but its pretty cool" you say and look over at him. you find him staring at you. he gives you a warm smile that makes you feel like your in haven. " stop staring at me like that" you push him gently. this time he gets closer to you and smiles. " I thought you liked it" he says getting closer. " NO I don't" you say teasing him. you push him away. he laughs. " what's so funny" you ask kinda laughing too. " your weak" he says. " what? am not!" you kick him. he grabs your leg before it hit him and you fell to the ground. " ouch" you say. " oops sorry" he says as if he didn't do anything wrong. " really. that's all you say?" you get up " sorry?" you ask. he shrugs. " jerk" you say playfully and stick your tongue at him. he grins at you. " ahh stop that!" you say. "stop what?"  he says with an even bigger grin on his face.  " you guys are so annoying" you say. " why thank you" says Alex. " ugh. well I'm gonna go to sleep. bye" you say walking off. " hey maybe I should go with you. for protection. you know if nicole comes or something" he says following you. " get away". you push him and run to your bedroom. What a day. you brush your teeth and jump on the bed. soon you were sleeping. 
  3. ~in your dream~ you open your eyes. you were in a old mansion. the walls were cracked, the furniture all over the place and damaged, water dripping from the ceiling. It was freezing in there and super dark. You Stand up and start walking around. You were in the living room. "hello? anyone here?" you ask. you can see your breath when you speak. the only respond was your echo. You  walk around the house. you stop at a little girls room. the door was pink and had a sign with flowers and the word welcome. You turn the sign over to reveille the writing of a little girl. The name NICOLE was printed on it. you gasp and step back. this was Nicole's house. why did she live in an old mansion? where is her parents. you were trembling of fear. you stop yourself from shaking. you will closer to the door. you open it and walk in slowly. the room looked harmless. it was a little room with teddy bears and a lot of little kid toys. there was a picture on the table of a little girl and her parents. It was Nicole and her mom and dad. You frowned at it because it reminded you of your parents. you then walked to the closet. it was full of little dresses and clothes. then you here the front door open. you hear a loud bang and someone yelling. " where is she?! why can't I find her ahh!" said the voice. 
  4. The voice comes closer and closer. you yelp and jump in the closet and close the door. " I'm gonna get that girl" says the voice. " how" asks another voice. " if I knew how would I be wondering how?!" she yells furiously. " w-why do y-you want to get her anyways?" ask the other voice. " because! her parents killed my parents and destroyed my house!". she walks into the room. it was Nicole (of course you knew that). you looked at her through a little hole in the door. She has a long red dress and black hair. she is beautiful yet evil. her hair was on fire and she was glowing red. You gasp. Nicole turned around quickly. " Who's there?!" She asked furiously. You were now shaking with fear. You curled up into a ball and leaned against the wall trying to calm down. she walk up to the closest. " I said who's there!" she opens the closet door and~ you wake up. 
  5. You sit up gasping. you looked at the clock. it was already 12:00. you get up and walk to the bathroom. You brush your teeth, take a shower, do your makeup, hair and walk out. You go to your closet and pick out the clothes of your choice. You make the bed and walk out. you make your way to the living room and see Andrew shirtless, in his boxers, watching TV. " hey" you say. "oh hey ___. wanna watch TV with me?" he asks you. " uh sure" you sit down next to him. " so where are the other guys?" you ask looking straight at the TV. " I don't know. sleeping I guess" he says. You look at him. he looked so hot without a shirt. " haha having fun?" he looks at you and grins. " huh?...oh.." you didn't notice that you were staring at his perfect tan abs. You blush and slide down in the couch. * that was embarrassing...* you think to yourself. Andrew laughs. "ugh stop reading my mind!" you say and push him to the floor. He falls but grabs you. you fall on top of him. " well? isent this nice" he grins at you. "shut up" you blush. you stare in to his eyes. You were suddenly in a trance. You couldn't take your eyes off of him. he wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you in. "umm" you say but he ignores it and pulls you closer intill your lips meet. he was such a good kisser. you felt his abs against your chest as he pulled you in closer. you felt butterfly's in your stomach. 
  6. the kiss lasted about 6 minutes before you pulled away to get catch your breath. " your a good kisser too" he grins. " really? Stop reading my mind!" you push him. " okay okay. well you better start packing. Were leaving in about 2 hours. "okay" you run to your room and start to pack. you pack up all of your clothes and shove them in to your suitcase. You had do much clothes that you couldn't fit all of it in the suitcase. You finally get all of your clothes in but u can't get the sipper to close. "ugh just my luck" you moan. you throw the suitcase and jump on it and try pulling the sipper on. " ah come one close" you yell. " please. I'm a nice person. why can't you close?" you ask the suitcase. you hear laughing. you turn around and see Matt looking at you and laughing. " it's not funny. this stupid suitcase won't close" you say with a little laugh. " here let me help" says matt walking in. he lifts up the suitcase with one finger and closes It with no problem. " woah....how? I've been trying to close that thing for like an hour" you say pointing at the suitcase. "I have super strength. and I also have the power to fly and I can see through objects" he says grinning. " why are you smiling at me like that...wait you can't. are looking through my...ugh" you say in a playful disgusted voice. He laughs " no dont worry I haven't tried to do that" he laughs " well not yet" he winks at you. 
  7. " ugh loser" you say and push him. "why thank you very much" he says giving you his famous smirk. You stick your tounge at him. " umm and about yesterday...in sorry for trying to kiss you.." he says looking down. "oh..its..its ok dont worry about it." you say felling bad. "i just really like you" He stares at you. You looked at his amazing eyes. At that time you actually wanted to kiss him. He walks up to the suitcase and looks at you " you coming" he says smiling. you walk right up to him and press your lips onto his. you could tell that he was surprised. " I like you to" you say still kissing him. you could feel the smile growing on his face. you couldn't help but smile to. he was such an amazing kisser. his lips were so soft. he picked you up and you put your legs around his waist. he pulls you closer and closer, his body heat warming you up. he pressed you up against the wall. The kiss, well make out, lasted about 15 minutes. you finally pulled away to try to catch your breath. Matt smiles at you.
  8. you smile at him "we'll I guess we should get going" you say. " oh yeah" he picks up the suitcases and leads you out to the front of the house. all the guys were there loading their stuff into the huge helicopter. " hey ___. hey Matt" they all say. "hey" you and Matt say ans walk up to them. " so when will we get there" you ask. " in about an hour or two" says Andrew. " ugh just great" you moan. "don't worry when we get there we'll do something fun. " yay!" you say happily. " okay everyone. Hop in" says a man with brown  hair and super blue eyes. " oh hi I'm-" you start but he cuts you off. " mrs___ nice to finally meet you" he smiles at you. " you too" you smile back at him. " okay if were going to get there before it gets dark then we better get going" he says and hops into the helicopter. you all follow him. "so whats your name?" you ask him. " oh My name is Robert Flynn" he say and starts the engine. you try to tell him something but the engine was to loud. You sat in between josh and Alex. they were talking  about when they met and all the embarrassing things about each other. " remember when Alex went surfing when we went to California". says Andrew. the guys laugh. " what happened" you say laughing. " we'll Alex was trying to impress this girl by trying to win a surfing challenge." says Josh. you feel a little jealous when he said that. " and when he went out a huge wave hit and and pulled his pants off of him" finishes Matt. you burst out laughing. " ha ha ha yeah it was so funny" he say sarcastically. The rest of the ride went fast. just a bunch of teens laughing and having fun.
  9. then you hear roger  announce that you have arrived to Florida. You all cheer. The landing was smooth and easy. Roger hoped out and opened the door. You feel the fresh breeze blow through your hair. You smell the amazing tropical fruit and fresh air.  you jump out " Florida here we come!" the guys jump out behind you yelling like crazy animals. You laugh and help them on load the suitcase. " well if you need me just call. The house I got is a smart house. It's not like other houses. Your friend will explain" says roger going back in the helicopter. You a all wave to Roger as he leaves. " so what now?" you ask. " oh our friend is gonna pick us up. I think he's running a little late though" says Andrew. "oh. so I guess we have to wait at one of those cool looking stores" you say walking to the coolest store you have ever seen. the guys follow behind you. the whole store had a Hawaiian theme. you sit down at a stool at the mini bar. The guys sit with you. A cute guy walks up to you. " hey beautiful. im Kyle may I take your order?" he asks you. He was shirtless and was wearing a Hawaiian neckless. you blush and say " oh yeah. I'll have a mango smoothie. what about you guys" you turn to look at them. they were staring at Kyle with an evil look on his face. "guys" you snap your fingers in front of there faces". they look at you. "what do you Guys want" you ask them. " oh I'll take a blueberry surprise. I want a cocoanut frost. I'll take a strawberry dream. I'll take the secret surprise" the guys say. 
  10. Kyle writes it down and say " be right back" he say and winks at you. You blush. Kyle is really cute. he had an eight pack and was very tan. he had short blond hair and light blue eyes. you smiled at him. the eyes mumble something under there breathes and watch him walk away. You ignore them and look around you. there's was a beach and spot two girls staring at you with disgusted faces. one of then was blond and the other one was a brunette. you look at them confused. The blond one says something to the other girl and walks up to you. " who do you think you are" she yells at you. " what are you talking about" you say confused. " Kyle is MY boyfriend!!" she tells. "okay...so?" you ask her. " soo what are you doing talking to him" she ask furiously. " he was just taking our orders calm down" says Alex. "stay out of this" she yells at him. " look I was not flirting with him. he was flirting with me! I mean I cant blame him. I'm way better looking then you will ever be! so why dont you just go back from where you came from and leave me alone!" you yell at her. "I will get you" she whispered to you and left. " yeah good luck with that" you say while she walks away. " bye bye" you gave her a fake smile. "ugh" you say disgusted. you look at the boys. they looked at you surprised. " what" you ask looking at them. " damn your hot and feisty" you hear Andrew say. " shut up" you say laughing. " I'm serious. who knew you could handle yourself like that" he says. You shrug " I did". the guys laugh. Kyle came up and  gave you guys your smoothies. he gave the guys theirs smoothies and then gave yours to you. "hope you like it" he says and winks at you. you blush again. he was so cute! You don't look at the guys because you know they will get jealous again. It was a little awkward because no one was talking. 
  11. hey look. Mike is here" says josh. The guys all run up to a guy with dark brown hair and  Light bluish greenish eyes. He had a blue t-shirt on that really made his eyes stand out. You walk up to them. They were hugging and greeting each other. " hey" you say and look at mike. He smiles at you. " oh hey. Mike this is ___. ___ this is Mike" says Matt. " Mike? Do I know you from somewhere?" you say looking at his familiar face. He stares at you for a while then smiles. ___! It's me Miky Lee. Remember that's what you used to call me?" he says with a big smile on his face. You suddenly remembered him! He was you best friend in elementary school and middle school. He moved to Florida in 7th grade and he haven't heard from him since. "Miky!!" you scream and jump on him. He laughs "I miss you too". The Guys laugh. " so you guys know each other?" asked andrew. " yeah! Miky was my best friend when I was little! But then he moved here and we haven't seen each other since"  you say. Mike laughs. " come on the car is parked out front". You both get up And he guides you to the car. You all hop in. " I'm driving!" yells Alex. You laugh at him. You sit in the back between Andrew and josh, Matt sits between the window and Andrew and mike sits in the passengers seat. Alex starts the engine and before you know it you fall asleep.   
  12. You wake up a few minutes later. " we're here!" the Guys yell. You wake up. Alex parks the car in this huge garage. You all walk out and run to the front of the house. The guys all push each other to be the first one to open the door. Andrew trips and falls. The guys all stop and laugh at him. You reach the door and open it. "OMG!" you say surprised. 
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Srry for taking so long to make this quiz.
  14. Btw none of the answers counted. There are no results about the guys. Srry:)

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