Messed Up Love (part 1)

Hi. Welcome another story quiz. I really really hope you enjoy it and that you come back for part 2!!!!

Hi Again. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is my first story quiz and I really REALLY hope you like it! Please comment!! Oh, and you will meet the guys in the next part!

Created by: Pjlover
  1. "Beep, beep!" your alarm clock sounds. You wake up, brush your teeth, etc., etc., Then you get ready to leave for school. Just then you remember: your not in New York anymore, your not going to Fredrick Academy anymore either. You are in North Carolina, about to go to Herwood Academy.
  2. Great now I'm the new kid. You think to yourself. You head towards your bus stop just in ime to catch the bus. As you walk down the aisle you see every one staring at you and whispering. You quickly get into a seat which you thought was empty but then realize there is someone in the seat with you. You turn to face a girl with long straight brown hair and piercing green eyes.
  3. "Oh, sorry do you want me to move?" you ask. "No, it's ok," the girl replies. "So, you're a newcomer?" the girl asks. "Yeah," you reply. For the rest of the bus ride you two remain silent.
  4. **Time Forward, At Lunch** When it's finally lunch time, you rush to the lunch line, desperate for food. When you get your lunch you start to walk to a table and then remember: I'm the newbie, no one will want to sit with me. So, you head towards the far right corner of the cafeteria to not be noticed. While your eating your lunch some one lightly taps your shoulder. You turn around to see that girl you sat on the bus with. "Wanna eat with us?" she asks you. "Sure," you reply. So, five seconds later you are sitting at a table with that girl from the bus and a guy.
  5. "So, not too be rude or anything but why exactly did you invite me over here? I mean, I'm the newbie," you say. "Well, I was the new kid last year so I kinda know how you feel," the girl replies. "Oh, by the way my name is Rachel, and this is my boyfriend Sam." she said pointing to the guy. "Hi, I'm ______," you say to Sam. Afterwards, you guys just talk and hang out as if you were old friends.
  6. **Time Forward-On the bus home** "Hey ______? Wanna hang out when we get home? Rachel asks you. "Sure!" you reply. (Today you found out Rachel is your neighbor.) So, when you arrive home you you leave your bookbag at your house, txt your mom where you'll be, and head over to Rachel's. When you walk through the door you see Rachel and Sam talking. You don't mean to spy but something keeps you from moving. Then you hear Rachel laugh and then silence. When you peek in you see Sam and Rachel kissing. After they finish, Rachel says something which causes Sam to laugh and they kiss again. Finally, when you decide not to spy anymore you pretend like you just walked in. "Hey guys!" you say. "Hey," they reply in unison. "So, um ________ I need to show/tell you something," Rachel says.
  7. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Will you come back for Part 2?
  9. Oh yeah, by the way, do NOT read the results!!!! I had to make BEFORE the actual quiz and I thought it would start differently.
  10. Oh yeah, and I'm sorry the first part was kinda boring! Please come back for part 2 and I PROMISE it will be more interesting!
  11. Bye!

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