The Scary Quiz Tales 3 (The Shrunken Head)

So, this is the third part of The Scary Quiz Tales. Also take part 1 and 2 if you haven't done so already.its not a must though. I hope you like the stories

Ok, so i must admit, i may have messed up alittle on this part, i mixed 2 stories together, but i just hope you like them. Enjoy the quiz story

Created by: Kish
  1. You were feeling rather uneasy. You were travelling on your own for the first time, and to be honest you were afraid alittle. You were on a train on your way back home from your grandmom's house. Strangely, you had the feeling you were being watched...
  2. There was a man sitting beside you, though you didn't know for sure why this man seemed wierd, but you could see, through the corner of your eyes, the man was staring at you, muttering something under his breath. Suddenly, you felt sleepy, very sleepy, and everything went black...
  3. When you woke up, you found yourself in a large room with stone walls. There were bookcases lined up against the wall, and a large door at one end of the room. You run to the door and try to open it. It was firmly locked. You bang the door and call for help. Then you hear an eerie voice which sent chills down your spine. "Get out of here while you still can" it said
  4. You turn around and see a sight so shocking, you almost fainted. On the other side of the room, sitting on a table was a tiny shrunken head, talking to you!
  5. The shrunken head had been severed from its body, and boiled until it shrunk to the size of a baseball. "Wh- Wh- Who are you?" you asked, never have you felt so scared in your life. "Four years ago, i was travelling alone just like you" replied the head. "Then that man kidnapped me. I was brought here, this same place. He's evil, this man. He practices black magic!"
  6. The head continued to tell its story, "The man then killed me and chopped my head off. He then wrote something on a piece of paper and cast a spell. He stuck the paper in my mouth, and voila, he had a talking head. The evil spell gives me the ability to know everything that goes on in the universe, i can see and hear all. But the dreadfull spell also forces me to serve the man. But like all spells, this spell will eventually wear down and he will need a new head. And you are going to be his new head..."
  7. You felt as if your heart had fallen into your stomach. If you don't get out of here now, your head will fall too. "How do i get out?" you asked. The head replied, "See the bookshelf over there? Push the third shelf and it will reveal a secret passage..."
  8. You push the shelf, and surely enough, there is a secret passage before you. You are about to leave when the head shouts "Wait! If you don't take me with you i will be forced to tell man how you escaped and where you can be found. Take me with you"
  9. Feeling very uneasy, you pick up the head and tuck it under your arm. You are about to enter the passage when suddenly the door bursts open. "Oh no you don't!" shouted the man. You make a run for the passage, the man close to hills behind you. In the passage you pass a lit lantern. You drop the lantern and the place catches on fire. "You will pay for this!" shouted the man from the other side. "You will regret this! You will pay". You run faster and finally you are outside the building, free!
  10. "We are free now" said the shrunken head. "I just need 1 more favour. Can you take out the paper in my mouth, so now i can rest in peace". You thank the head for everything and take out the paper. The head was no more. You bury it then head home
  11. Things weren't as normal as you expected. You had nightmares, wierd scary nightmares. And the wierd thing is, it had nothing to do with shrunken heads... Wierd
  12. One night 6 months after the shrunken head incidence...
  13. You were running down a street, you had no idea why. Your heart was racing and all you could hear was your heartbeat. Were you dreaming or were you awake? Was all this really happening or was it all a nightmare? You had no idea...
  14. You couldn't remember where you were. It was pitch black, night time you guessed, and you were on a quiet street. Thats all you knew. You didn't even know who or what you were running away from. You crossed the corner and you saw a man standing there. So you run up to him and ask for help. And he does the wierdest thing...
  15. The man turned around and grinned. His grin became wider and wider revealing a set of razor-sharp teeth. Shark teeth. And then you noticed his eyes. They were completely black, cold and dead, like a shark's eyes. Atleast now you knew what you were running away from.,.
  16. You ran away again, you ran to practicaly no where.,. (click the submit button to see what happens nexts). Which part did you like better?

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