The Scary Quiz Tales (NEW FUN QUIZ SERIES!)

This is a new quiz series i want to start. I hope you like it, and look out for the next part of this series. And the stories aren't really scary, but they are interesting. Hope you like it!

The 1st part of this new series is called Psychic Predictions. I coudn't make it fit in the quiz tittle. Anyway, this a strange story where you go to a psychic so she can tell you the future and wierd things happen. I hope you like this quiz!

Created by: Kish
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  1. It was one of those days again, those days that make you wonder what life has instore for you. Bad times. It seemed everything was just going wrong for you, like your life was full of bad luck. It was one of those times again, when you felt it was pointless to stay alive...
  2. Seeing you in distress, one of your friends offered you some advice. "Go and see this psychic" she said, giving details of her address and name, "she can foretell the future for you, and people around here say its pretty accurate". "But beware" she continued, "some people will try and discourage you from going there".
  3. So as the story goes, you decide to go and see the psychic. You ask a passerby to show you the way to the address your friend gave you. The passerby looked shocked. "Don't go there" he said. "She's nothing but a witch. A witch i tell you! If you know whats good for you, i would turn back right now". The passerby leaves...
  4. You finally find your way and meet the old woman there. Honestly, she did look kinda wierd, but you swept the thought away. She held your hand and went into a trance. In a deep voice she said, "in the next 25 years, you will have 3 strokes of good luck and 1 stroke of bad luck"
  5. You thanked the old lady and went back. You coudn't stop thinking about it, 3 strokes of good luck and 1 stroke of bad luck. Would that really happen? Anyway, you carry on living your life...
  6. A few months later you meet a very handsome man. You begin dating and it was obvious the man had fallen in love with you. One of the hotest guys you had ever seen was dating you. Then you remember what the old lady predicted. This must be the 1st stroke of good luck..!
  7. You date Carl (the hot guy) for about a year, until finally, he asks you to marry him. You can't believe it! Marrying one of the most hotest guys you had ever seen! This surely must be the 2nd stroke of good luck
  8. Soon, after the wedding, you realise you are pregnant. You and Carl are so happy now. You all wait for the child. Nine months later you give birth to a healthy baby girl. This must be the 3rd stroke of good luck, just like the old lady had predicted
  9. Now you began to worry. All your 3 strokes of good luck were over, what was the bad luck going to be? 1 night, while you were asleep, you had a terrible nightmare. In that dream, you could hear your baby sleeping peacefully in her cot. Suddenly, you see a pair of hands lift the baby out of the cot. You watched in horror as the hands took the child to the window, and threw her out!
  10. You suddenly wake, sweating and panting. You get up to check on your baby, but the cot was empty. You then feel a cold breeze and you realise that the window was open. A cold shiver ran down your spine. You walk to the window and look down. You scream in horror. There was your baby girl, lying in a pool of blood with parts of her arms, legs and head missing. So, this was it. The stroke of bad luck.
  11. You and your husband were devastated by this tragedy. Your happy married life was shattered. Despite the horror of what happened to your child, you and your husband decided to move on. but the was a big mistake. If you knew what was going to happen you would have left your husband. But you didn't know...
  12. One night, you had another terrible nightmare. In the dream, she saw her husband lying asleep in bed. Suddenly, you see a pair of hands holding a big butcher knife. The hands stabbed your husband over and over again, blood splashing everywhere and a few chunks of flesh. In the dream, You could only stare in horror as the hands brutaly murdered your husband.
  13. You woke up, sweating and your heart was beating fast. You turned to your husband for comfort and recoiled in horror. Your husband was lying dead, with blood everywhere and a few chunks of flesh here and there. You notice a big knife sticking out of his head...
  14. You are devastated by this tragedy. Both, your husband and baby had been murdered. Perharps you were next. The old lady had predicted only 1 stroke of bad luck, whats going on? You go back to see the old lady...
  15. You find the old lady in her house. You go to her and tell everything that happened from, meeting a hot guy, marrying Carl, and having a baby to the brutal murders. "Now you tell me" you said, "Whats going on?"

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