The light in a dark world Part 2

Hey guys! Welcome to The light in a dark world Part dos! Woohoo! Hopefully this will help with the confusion of the first one. And if you haven't taken the first one, then why are you here?

Go take it! Just to recap a little, you were just knocked in the head by a weird guy and freaky staring girl named Meredith. So yeah, I really hope you like it! Black Angel, out. (//.^)

Created by: twibrite

  1. You're eyes flicker open and then close again as a wave of pain washes over your head. You force yourself to sit up and look around, and instantly wish you hadn't.
  2. As you expected, the room you are in is not your own. The bed which you lie in is soft and plush, draped with a red silk bed sheet embroidered with flowers. The room arches high over my head, the roof tapering into a point. Stones of different size and color make up the walls, and a tall rectangle shape is cut out to form a window. The only light in the room comes from the candles placed in gold holders all over the room, and from a roaring fireplace. Two exquisite red chairs sat in front of it. The one thing that caught my eye, though, was the long vines of black roses that chocked the walls and trailed onto the floor. The blossoms seemed to fill every crevice and crack with drops of pure night, giving the room a dark and forbidding air. Dark bristling thorns covered every length not occupied by a black bloom.
  3. You shudder and shift your gaze from the menacing flowers back to the fireplace. It seems warm and welcome enough. Suddenly my eye caught something. A deformed shadow by one of the chairs. My breathing quickened and shallowed as I slid onto the dark paneled floor. This intruder might be able to give me the answers I need. I slid across the floor, careful not to make a sound, lest I alert them of my presence.
  4. You closed your eyes and darted forward, jumping in front of the person and shouting, "Who are you!?" just as they shouted "Lacia!!" and tackled you to the ground. Your eyes flew open to see a boy's grinning face and then you felt your head crack on a stone and the world grew dim.
  5. You struggle back to consciousness slowly and groan. Your head feels as if you've been knocked over by a mail truck. All of the sudden, the pain eases a little. You feel a cool strip of cloth placed on your head and a gentle voice murmur something. A smile tugs at your lips and your eyes slant open. A girl is sitting on the edge of the bed with a basin in her hand. Her long black hair catches the firelight and her forest green eyes sparkle mischievously,while the freckles dotting her nose added to the effect. She spoke loudly, "Good, you aren't dead."
  6. The girl takes the rag of your brow and rings it out over the bowl. "It's good to see you again Lacia. I assume from your expression that you don't remember me." You shake your head slowly. She laughs. "Well, up on your feet then. I'm Piper, Meredith and Arden are waiting for you to come listen to your story. Oh the irony, how bittersweet." Piper grabs you by the hand and pulls you over to the fireplace, sitting you in one of the chairs. Meredith and a tall boy you assume is Arden are waiting for you.
  7. Arden is a muscular man, with short, shaggy blond hair and intelligent blue eyes. His strong jaw shone with firelight and gleamed off the silver sword buckled at his waist. Upon further examination, you noticed a gray tint to his deep eyes. He turns to you and smiles, his face glowing with pleasure. "Well, We don't have much time. So I'll cut straight to the point. You are Lacia, Princess of Arannif, daughter of Solannar and Lunnyis. You are the sole remaining ruler of our grand kingdom, as your parents died in a fire two eves after your thirteenth birthday. Solannar and Lunnyis held the light of our world, our emotions, our souls. When they died, that responsibility passed to you. Without you the very essence of things gradually die. The flowers lose their color, the people their happiness and joy. Sorrow and desperation reign in their stead. You are the light of our world."
  8. "On the night of your fifteenth birthday...the night we were to be disappeared." Arden pauses for a minuet and coughs a little, a blush spreading over his cheeks. You were to be wed? No wonder he was excited about seeing you earlier, but wed? At fifteen?
  9. "Meredith and Piper, your best friends, came to me for help. We searched for you high and low, no place was left hidden from us. FInally we found you in the woods. Deep into a thicket of pines, away from every eye. You were standing before a great stone circle carved with runes. Before we could call out, a flash of light blinded us and knocked us back. Then you were gone."
  10. "The next years were torture for our people. The crops died, no matter the sun and rain. The flowers all turned black, sucking the color from our cities and gardens. People stopped laughing and singing, and eventually talking, for their was nothing beautiful to talk about. Eventually even the children stopped playing and time ground to a hault. We searched for you for many long and tedious moons, losing men to that dastardly portal. And finally, we found you! The light has returned and we rejoice. Even the flowers begin to brighten! Look!" Arden drew a rose from the wall and you gasp. Veins of bright red had woven in to, and were slowly taking over the black.
  11. Arden grins hopefully, Meredith smirked and Piper nodded at you. Then they all spoke with one voice, "You are the most importamt jewel of our realm, unless you stay, we will all perish"

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