My Journey As A Demigod (Part 10!)

This is part 10 of the 'My Journey As A Demigod' series! This story has gone long ways. So, I'm very proud to announce this part. Read the below paragraph, kthx.

Leo, Katie and Tammy have finally found the stone doors and achieved to open them. But, what now? They're in this strange world and they're with this unknown goddess. Will it turn out well or will it not?

Created by: SeaGirl

  1. -----------LEO'S P.O.V------- Seeing a goddess I never heard of, was a bit awkward. She was acting like she was some famous Queen of the Gods or something. I think she said her name was Ankle. I dunno. So, I should tell you what happened after she introduced herself; Ankle gave us a short tour around the place. I gotta say, there was A LOT of extinct and weird animals walking around. Dinosaurs, a flying frog (don't ask), and even a mammoth. "I must ask, do you fancy thy place?" Ankle asked. She was wearing a white sleeveless gown, decorated with golden seams. Her hair was curled and flowed loosely off her shoulders and a laurel crown was set on top. I couldn't see her feet due to the dress. Or, maybe it was the fact Ankle was floating mid-air. "Do you always float? Or, is it seasonal?" I asked. Tammy nudged me. "What?" I said. "No, I do not always do this. And, it is not seasonal, as well." Ankle said.
  2. After a few more looking around, Ankle lead us to some kind of tea table or whatever it's called. It was basically a huge stump of a tree with four smaller stumps around it. Scones, porcelain tea cups and plates, and other pastries were set. "I figured after your journey underground, you would hungry," Ankle explained. The three of us sat down and helped ourselves. Katie got a couple of scones and tea, and Tammy got a few muffins on her plate. I pretty much grabbed a handful of anything I saw. "Since you are all fed, you must be thinking quite a few questions." she said. Katie nodded her head. "Where are we anyways?" She asked. The goddess smiled warmly. "You are at the center of the Earth, Ms. Gardner. That is what the prophecy has said, am I correct?" Katie looked dumbfounded. "Center of the Earth? Like that movie with Brendan Fraser?" I said.
  3. "No, Leo. Not that movie. You were saying, Ananke?" Tammy said. So, that's what her name is.. Oh, oops. Whatcha gon' do. "You must travel out of here after you have found the item." Ananke told us. I stared at her. "What item?" I asked. She just sighed. "Think about the two prophecies, son of Hephaustus. The Great Prophecy and your quest. They are very similar than you think. And, Ms. O'Neill," she turned to Tammy. "You have already started the first line of the Great Prophecy." Ananke said. Tammy looked down at her shoes. "Ms. Gardner, you have two very important choices to make in both prophecies. All three of you will help make the second line of the Great Prophecy come true." She explained. "Wait. Why is this coming all true so fast? It took five years to complete the other Great Prophecies. And, what? This will only take two? It seems faster than the others, don't you think?" Katie said.
  4. Anake agreed. "Not all prophecies have to take a great amount of time. Although, sometimes five years can seem just one." she explained, "I know you three must have quite a few more questions, but for now.." she took a look up at the sky. I didn't even noticed it started to set for night. The sky was an.. Interesting color. But, I could still see the moon. "Right. Bedtime. Where do we crash for the night?" I asked her. Ananke shimmered and for a second she was gone, but she just came out of nowhere floating again. "I have a place for three of you. Follow me." She said. Ananke floating towards a pack of trees, that looked like a bunch of treehouses attatched together by bridges. I looked at Tammy and Katie for reassurance. I knew some gods and goddesses can be tricky and greedy. Let's just say, I didn't have a very good relationship with Queen of the Gods, Hera.
  5. ----------Ananke got our treehouses set up. Katie, Tammy and I all got a treehouse attached to each other. Each treehouse was nothing like it was outside. On the outside, it looked like a huge treehouse that was a thousands millenia old. But, the inside? It looked like a penthouse in Vegas. At least that's what mine looked like anyway. A huge flatscreen T.V. was set in front of black italian leather couches with glass coffee tables. A surround system was also in the treehouse. It was my dream bedroom. It even had a bathtub the size of a pool. You could say, I was pretty excited when I saw that. Think again. One room had a mechanic's dream inside. An assortment of tools were set on a stainless steel table. Several blueprints were hung up around the walls. I even saw a blueprint designed by Leonardo DaVinci. Not DiCaprio. I walked out of the room and got ready for bed.
  6. -----------TAMMY P.O.V.-------------- I should tell you about my nightmare. And, if you've guessed it was about Nico again, you're right. This time Nico wasn't in the dark throne room and not at that strange rock. This time, he was right in my bedroom. No, nothing happened, mind you. "Hello, Tammy." He said. I stared at him. "Loss of words? That happens too many times in dreams. Or, for demigods- nightmares. Although I think you can talk now." Nico explained. He gave a slow nod. "Why do all my dreams have you in it. Or that guy in the throne room. Your dad?" I asked him. Nico smirked and walked closer to me. "Yeah, my dad. And, maybe the reason why I'm in your dreams, is because you think of me too often." he said sitting down at the edge of the bed. I got up and sat down next to him. "I guess so.." Nico grinned. "But, it's ONLY because I've been wondering what you were talking about with your dad and what you've been doing at that rock." I added quickly. His smile faded. "What rock?" I told him about my other dreams. Basically, all of them. Nico didn't seem very happy afterwards.
  7. "Look, that wasn't very important. Besides, you shouldn't be eavesdropping." he said. "What? You think I can control my dreams?" I challenged him. Nico stood up and looked at me, "You're controlling them now." he replied. Nico offered a hand. I took it gratefully and got up. "That's true. So, what now Di Angelo?" I asked. Nico put his hands in his pocket. He wore black skinny jeans, a plain black v-neck shirt, leather jacket and you guessed it, black shoes. His hair seemed like he just woke up in the morning- in a kinda cute way. His skin was so sickly pale from being in the Underworld and summoning the dead (I've heard stories.) "What are you staring at?" he asked snapping his fingers in front of my face. I brushed the hair out of my eyes and smiled. "Nothing.." I told him.
  8. "Well, I think you should wake up, Tammy. Your friends are looking for you." Nico said. Last thing I saw in my dream, was him blending into the shadows and disappearing.
  9. I woke up to Leo and Katie shaking me. "Well, FINALLY. Did you have a good nap, Sleeping Beauty?" Leo asked. I rubbed my eyes. "Sleeping Beauty? I'm guessing you like to call girls by Disney princesses." I said. Katie shook her head in frustration. "Okay, guys. You two can both be Beauty and the Beast. We have TWO DAYS until the deadline. Tammy, how could you sleep until 2 in the afternoon?!" she shrieked. My eyes widened. "No, no, no.. The dream." I muttered. Leo raised his eyebrows. "A dream? What do you mean?" Katie asked. Leo laughed. "That rhymed." He told us. Katie and I ignored him. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to change and wash up a bit. "It's not important, right now. We need to go." I shouted out to her. "Do you not think I know that? We'll meet you outside so we can go. I packed your bag and Ananke gave us some snacks for the trip. Hurry!" She shouted back. I could hear them close the door. After I got my shower, and everything. I changed into my new change of clothes. And, you'll never guess what the magic closet picked for me..
  10. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing the exact same clothes as Nico. "Great. I'm the new female version of Nico Di Angelo." I said to myself. I grabbed the bag Katie set out for me and walked outside to meet the other two. I walked up to Katie and Leo. Katie was wearing khaki shorts and a green 'SAVE THE RAINFOREST' t-shirt with a plain grey hoodie unzipped. She also wore black Nike's. Leo's outfit was actually not stained with machine oil. Leo wore grey skinny jeans, a white button up shirt and a black vest. His tool belt was still wrapped around his waist. Leo wore black converse. "You seem dressed up, don't you think?" I asked him. Leo stared down at his clothes as if he didn't notice. "Oh these? Magic closet picked them out. I think the closet thought I needed a more classy look than my regular machine oil and grease stained clothes." he told me. I nodded in agreeement and turned to Katie. "All set?" I asked. "All set," she repeated.
  11. ------- Ananke showed up levetating in front of us. "Well, it's a bit depressing to see you three go. I'm glad you came here, we don't get much visitors down here." she explained. "We?" Leo asked. Ananke waved her hand towards some elephants and hippos hanging out by a river. "Now, you must hurry. You're off schedule. I'll see you again someday, you three. I wish you best of luck." she gave us one more smile before she disappeared in a white shimmery explosion. Katie, Leo and I looked at each other. "Where should we start?" I asked them. Leo pointed to a DoDo bird hopping around in a circle. "I think we should start following that guy, he's been giving some mixed signals to me since we've came out here." I stared at the bird hopping around. As crazy as it seems following a bird that should be extinct, I agreed with Leo. We walked away from the treehouses and followed the bird into the forest.

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