My Journey As A Demigod (Part 5!)

Hey guys! Here's part 5! So today I was listening to "I Will Be" by Avril Lavigne and I cried my eyes out. Seriously, that's some sad love song! Anyways, I checked the comments

So, I just wanted to say that I'm REALLY happy that this series has been going good so far. This is the most I've done for one story. Usually, I think my stories aren't very good (in my opinion) and then I stop going on at some point. But, so far this story is actually staying alive :)

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. It was almost July 4th. Katie described it as the most romantic night of the year (not to sound like an Aphrodite child). The Hephaestus cabin were making fireworks in the forges for the big show. Honestly, I thought it was a ton of trouble just for one night. Whats so special about guys having the opportunity to show affection? Blah. But, I could be lying. Right now, I'm in the Demeter cabin, lying down on my bunk. I closed my eyes and smiled. Nothing like a little relaxation after some sword fighting. Or... Spear fighting? Sadly, I'm not as good as Clarisse.
  2. Miranda burst in and shook my shoulder. "Tammy? Tammy? You up? Oh okay, good. Time for lunch." she said. I sat up and looked at her. "Nice entrance" I said. Miranda laughed and we walked towards the dinner pavilion. "You know, we saw that little scene with you and Leo yesterday..." she reminded me. I blushed. "Well if you think about it, we had an assembly yesterday which had some pretty strange words going on there." I pointed out. "Maybe I just needed a little hug after that freak show." Miranda nodded and sat down at the Demeter table. I looked around at the other campers. I spotted Savanna with some wood nymphs. I walked over to her. "Hey. Long time no talk. What's up?" I asked her. Savanna smiled, "Well by the last couple of days I've been on tracking duty." she told me. "Whats that?". "It's basically when we try to find demigods around the world. I've found one Austalian guy named Zack. So I'm sending another satyr to recover him" she said. I nodded barely knowing what this satyr thing meant. "Sounds cool" I told her. Savanna nodded, "Well you better get going with your lunch. Your cabin is getting ready to sacrifice to the gods right about now" I turned around to see the others walking to a line towards a blue fire. I gave Savanna one last smile and walked away.
  3. ------------ After lunch, after the usual first 2 actiivites, I decided to have a nice nap before I go to the forges to find Leo. I walked inside and covered myself in blankets. "Time to get some sleep" I said to myself. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep right away.
  4. So, remember my nightmare a couple of days ago? Here's some more torture. I saw Nico. He was on some kind of huge rock. In the middle, there was a marble bowl/sink or whatever on a platform. "I found it" he said. He smiled. But, it wasn't the warm smile he usually gave me. It was... Cold and dark, like a snake's. He slowly reached out towards the bowl but when he touched it, fire burst out. "Argh!" he shouted. He gripped his hand in pain. "Curse the gods and their tricks." Nico shouted. "You hear this? Hear me! Hear me!!" he screamed. The image faded into shadows. A new image appeared. I saw myself standing in a middle of a wheat field. In the meadow there was a barn and a farm house. I saw myself look around. I spotted a girl about 15 maybe? Walking towards me. I couldn't move or speak in the image. "Why... Hello Tammy. Fancy seeing you here eh?" the girl said. I just stared at her. "Can't speak? I apologize, I'll answer all your questions you're scared to ask. Now come, you must help me with the other crops." with that she gestured me to follow her. I walked towards the same direction until we came to a pumpkin patch. "I love growing pumpkins! Never too early to carve em'" she said. The girl sat down on the ground. "Well. For sure you must know me. Sound it out... Dee-mee-ter" I blurted the name out. "Yes, I'm your mother. Goddess of harvest. Now about this prophecy.... You must ask what you heard and wish for Tammy. Ask your camp director, Chiron is it?" Demeter said. I nodded in the dream. "Ask for what you wish. Do it, Tammy.... Tammy... Tammy!"
  5. I woke with a start. Danielle, one of siblings, shook my shoulder. "Well it's about time!" she said. I sat up straight. "S-sorry..." I tried to remember what Demeter looked like. Long, curly brown hair, calm hazel eyes. I looked at Danielle. She looked just like her. I wonder if it was Danielle in my dream... No. It couldn't have. "Well its time for archery Tam. Hurry up" she told me. I nodded and walked out the cabin. What did Demeter mean by asking for what I wish? And asking that to Chiron. How am I supposed to say that to him? Well I suppose he had other demigods who had these problems but still, what do I say? 'Oh hey, Chiron! I want what I wish for, can you get me that?' Uh... Thanks but, no thanks.
  6. I stormed off in frustration towards the archery range. I gripped my bow tightly but it only gave me a splinter. I threw it across the ground and screamed in anger. I walked away slowly. A few meters away, I heard a couple of screams from the campers. I turned around quickly and my eyes almost fell out of my sockets. What's happening?! I thought. Campers were getting tied down and pulled by their ankles, by some vines. "Help!" one screamed. "Get these vines away from me!" another said. "I was eating pie!" shouted a guy. I ran towards them, and screamed. "Stop it! Let them go!" I shouted. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I was terrified. The campers soon calmed down as the vines sunk back to the Earth. I looked around. Snickers burst out around me. The campers who were just attacked, brushed off the dirt from their clothes and went back to their shooting and... Um, pie eating. I saw them take glances at me. I took a deep breath and walked away. I caught some whispers as I walked past them. "Did you see that? Nature girl over them attacked us" and, "Can't believe she did that" and worst of all, "What a freak" I hate being called that, especially since I was a demigod. Well you know, they shouldn't be the ones laughing. They're all freaks. All of them, with freak parents and lives. Seriously. I walked inside the Demeter cabin and closed the door. I covered myself in blankets and cried.
  7. There was a knock on the door and it creaked open. "You in here Snow White? I got coffee" a familiar voice said. "Leo?" I croaked. He walked in and looked at me carefully. "You looked horrible" he said. I smiled. "Well, I can always count on you to state the obvious" I said. Leo smirked. "Here's your coffee" he handed me over a medium sized cup filled with warm goodness. "Thanks, where'd you get the coffee's?" I asked. Leo shrugged. "I made a coffee machine." he replied. Leo took a sip of his coffee. "Have you been to the camp gift store yet?" Leo asked. I raised my eyebrow. "Um no. Why?" "Cause there's a couple of hairbrushes and some makeup over there. You could seriously use some" he said. I punched his shoulder playfully. "Ha-ha very funny" I said sarcastically. Leo nodded and stood up. "I gotta go Snow White. Peace" with that he left the cabin. I stood up and walked towards the door. I watched Leo sprint towards the rock climbing wall like a maniac. I smiled as I imagined what his face would look like right about now.
  8. ----------- After I got myself cleaned up, it was time for dinner. I walked to the dinner pavilion and sat in my usual seat. "Hey, I'm sorry about that little scene back at archery" said Katie. I smiled. "No it's okay. I don't know what happened actually." I told her. Katie just laughed. "What do you mean you don't know? It was you who caused it!" she said. I stared at her strangely. "Really?". "Well that's your powers isn't it? I saw you having a little fit and... The vines must've commanded to your anger. It's a Demeter thing" she said. I nodded. "I got powers?" Katie nodded. I grabbed my plate and went in line to the blue fire smiling. I can't believe I got superhuman powers... I thought. I scraped some off my food and prayed to Demeter. Thanks for giving me these super cool powers, but what does the thing that I wish for that I have to ask Chiron or whatever? Thanks. I prayed and went back to eat my meal.
  9. ---------- After dinner, we went to the campfire. We sang the usual cheesy songs we sang. "Itsy bitsy Sisyphus went the hill again, down came the boulder and...." we sang. The fire grew brighter as we sang the songs. As I ate my s'more I looked at the fire. I could see a faint figure, like a girl. I nudged Miranda, who was sitting next to me. "Do you see that girl? By the fire?" I whispered. Miranda just laughed. "Oh that's Hestia. She usually comes by sometimes, but rumor has it, she just wanted to come by because of the Great Prophecy." she said. I nodded in response. I went back to eating my s'more, when I took a glance at the fire. Hestia was gone.
  10. 'Do it. Do it now.' a voice whispered in my head. Really familiar. 'Demeter?' I thought. 'Yes! A quest dear! A quest! Do it! Now!' she shouted. I put my hand on my forehead in pain. 'Stop shouting in my head, it hurts you know' I told her. I heard her laughed, 'Do it now, before its too late!' I closed my eyes. My legs had a spasm and shot up. "A QUEST!" I screamed. Everyone stared at me. The Apollo campers dropped their guitar picks and stared at me. I caught some Aphrodite girls snicker at me. "I... Um" I blurted out. The fire shot up as if it were roleplaying my legs. "A quest, my dear. This girl must be asking for a quest because of your... Prophecy? Her mother, Demeter. Suggests that we all should pitch in with this idea" Hestia said as she came out through flames. "Yeah.. Um she told me in a dream" I said. Chiron galloped here. "It's dangerous Tammy. It's only been your first week." he told me. I shook my head. "But isn't it important? This prophecy? And a child of Demeter was mentioned in it! I have to be the one. Besides isn't it dangerous for a demigod anyways?" I pointed out. Campers started to whisper and nod. "I think it's a great idea Snow White." I turned around to see Leo holding about 5 s'mores. I faced Chiron, who had eyes of several campers watching him. He stroked his beard for a while. "I suppose.. That there could be a quest... Who are your two other companions" he asked me. I looked at Miranda for an answer. "You have to lead the quest. Pick two people to come with you." she told me. I thought for a moment. "I want Leo to come." I saw Leo smirk. "And.... I also want to bring someone who I trust right? I guess that would be..."
  11. "Katie" I finally said.

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