Demigod Love Story Part 2

Okay So this is my second quiz ((: Read the first one I suggest. Its pretty long but just read through all of it, trust me its worth it and thanks for loving my quizzes!

So a little recap. Last time, You found out you were a demigod and met Evan and Anthony. We left off with Anthony unconcious! :o the third love interest is introduced!

Created by: ilyvolleyball

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  1. You and Evan are sitting around a fire that Evan started. Anthony is still knocked out from the fury but Evan has told you he will be alright thanks to the nectar. "Nectar?" You ask. Evan smiles. "Im guessing you dont know alot about greek myths? Well Nectar and ambrosia is the drink and food of the gods. It posseses healing powers to us demigods. But eat or drink to uch and it could burn you from the inside out." He explains. "oh, well thats.. Refreshing.." You say, a little frightened at his bluntness but he laughs. Dont worry. Its alright. I never did catch your name."He says. "Andromeda.." You reply, smiling. He raises a brow and nods.
  2. Finally, Anthony stirs. Hes eyes open and he squints. "Is it dark already? How long was I out?" You kneel beside him. "A few hours. Are you feeling ok?" You ask. "Yeah Im fine." He sits up and stares at the fire, the sadness returning to his eyes. You want to ask him whats wrong but it doesnt seem like a good idea. Not with Evan here. It must be personal. "Well lets get a move on! We need to get to camp!" Anthony says standing. "Camp?" You ask. "Yes. Camp. Camp half blood. For demigods. Its in New York." Anthony explains. "Oh come on Anthony let the girl rest." Evan says. Anthony sighs but reluctantly allows taking the night off.
  3. You guys take shifts, while the others sleep. Since your adrenaline is still pumping, you take first shift. Evan falls asleep quickly and youre left awake with Anthony, who stares at the fire. Your not really good at consoling people so you just blurt out whats on your mind. "Hey Anthony is something wrong cause I noticed youve been kinda sad. He looks at you and sighs. "Sorry, I dont mean to mope around.. Is it that obvious?" He asks. "Well.. No Im just very observant.." You reply. "want to talk about it?" He shakes his head. You give him space and eventually he falls asleep.
  4. Your shift passes with no problem. Except for the fact you start to dose off. Both the guys are still asleep and you dont want to be rude and wake them. When the sun starts to come up, you can barely keep your eyes open, though your too afriad to fall asleep. You close your eyes, for just a moment and someone shakes you. You wake quickly and are staring into Evans green eyes. "Why didnt you wake me?" he asks. "I..! Well.. I didnt want to be rude.. You were asleep.." You try to explain. He smiles and shakes his head. " And that fury really called you skouro? Ridiculous." he says.
  5. "Oh yeah, what was that all about? What does.. Skouro mean?" You ask, still fighting your drowsiness. "Oh its greek. It doesnt even matter because its not true so who cares? Get some sleep An." He says. Your heart flip flops at his nickname for you. "Tell me? Please?" You beg. He sighs. "Dont think much of it ok?" You nod. "It means Dark One." He says. You furrow your brow. "what?" you ask. "Its nothing. Get some sleep." So you do.
  6. That morning Anthony wakes you up. YOu hear Evan complaining to let you sleep but you still wake up to Anthony's request. "We really need to get moving Andromeda." He says. "Yeah I understand." You say groggily. The guys pack up the stuff and you set off on foot. Its a grueling journey but, due to how close you live to the Florida border, your out of the sate by night fall. You Guys hitch rides and by the time the moon is high in the sky, youre exhausted. You set up camp for the night.
  7. The next few days, you guys move across the states at a slow pace, sticking near the sea until on the third day you guys see an unnattended boat. "guys come on! I can drive that thing!" Evan says. "But thats stealing." Anthony replies. He looks at you for backup but, quite frankly your feet are killing you. "Its.. Its not a big deal Anthony. I mean, its not like its someones prized possesion, otherwise they would leave it here." You tell him. He looks a little hurt but agrees to get in the boat.
  8. Evan is a pro at driving the speedboat and gets it to a nearly impossible speed. You and Anthony are both holding on adn his hand brushes yours. He pulls it away and blushes deeply but you just smile and grab it reassuringly. He smiles big a you.
  9. You guys finally arrive at shore. Its nearing dark and Evan pulls in quietly. "Shh, try not to draw attention to ourselves. We'll get you to see Mr. D and Chiron." EVan says to you as he helps you off the boat. You smiles graciously at him and he smiles back. They get you into camp and take you to a big red barn. The camp was nice. As you passed through you saw little cabins littered everywhere. No people where in sight but you heard sounds inside the cabins.
  10. Evan walked into an office and you fooled. There was a man in a wheelchair behind a desk. "Ah, Evan, hello agian, good to see you. You to Anthony and who is this?" He said> looking at you. "Chiron this is Andromeda, shes new." Anthony introduced. Chiron wheels over to you. "hello Andromeda. Im Chiron, activities director. So you dont know your god parent?" He asks you and you shake your head. "Alright, go ahead and take her to the Hermes Cabin.. ll tell Mr. D of her arrival." Evan nods and they lead you to a cabin.
  11. When you enter the hermes cabin, The boys leave you. The cabin is totally crowded. Everyone is asleep except one guy who sits up when you walk in. He walks over to you. "Hey, you a regular or undetermined?" He asks. Hes super hot. He has black hair (like how Justin Beiber used to wear his) and dark blue eyes. "I.." You dont know how to respond to his question. He gives you a half smile. "Is Hermes your dad?" He asks. "Oh! Um.. I dont know." You reply. "Undetermined." He says. You give him a small smile. "Me too." he says and leads you over to a spot next to his. "Im Nick." He says. "Im Andromeda" you reply He smiles and helps you set up andyou both fall asleep
  12. The next morning, the hermes cabin welcomes you but all kind of seem like they want you to leave. Nick walks you to lunch and you see Evan surrounded by half the campers and theyre all laughing. When he sees you he waves you over. You turn to ask Nick to come but hes gone. You shrug and go over to Evan. "Hey" you say with a smile. He pulls yo into his his lap and you gasp but go with it, smiling big at him. You sit with him at the bonfire too. Then he walks you home and nick, who was waiting outside for you goes inside. Evan kisses your forehead. "Ill see you tomorrow" He says. You smile and nod. Evan leaves and you go to sleep.
  13. CIFFHANGER!! Ok its a terrible spot for one but I know youll want to read part 3 Trust me. You Find out a big ole secret!
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