Hogwarts Love Story Part 5

Welcome to part 5!! Take part 1,2,3 and 4 or else you won't understand. The results are the same : Ron, Harry , Oliver,Cedric, Draco and the twins.

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Created by: 5thMarauder
  1. The weather quickly got colder and wetter and the nights darker. One evening you entered the common room to find the room buzzing excitedly . "What's happened?" you asked Hermione, sitting next to her on a sofa. "First Hogsmeade weekend" she said pointing at a notice on the battered old notice board. Your stomach suddenly felt like it had flipped over; you had remembered what Oliver asked.
  2. Hermione seemed to sense something was up and looked at you curiously. You were saved from having to answer when Harry and George sat opposite you and Fred sat next to you. "What's up with everyone?" Harry asked looking around the excited room. "First Hogsmeade trip" said Ron pointing at the notice."Excellent" said Fred, "I need to visit Zonko's, I'm nearly out of Stink Pellets. He smirked and leaned in closer to you and whispered "you can come with me if you want" so that only you could hear.
  3. You blushed and said "I'm busy,sorry". "Ok,maybe another time" he replied.You looked away from Fred and saw Harry looking sad. You were about to say something but Hermione beat you to it. "Harry,I'm sure you'll be able to go next time. They're bound to catch Black soon, he's been sighted once already".You suddenly realised that you had some divination homework to do and got up to do it. You got and went to the library.
  4. You struggled through your homework, as it was your worst subject."All you have to do is write down a load of crap and she loves it" someone said. You looked up and saw Draco Malfoy looking down at you."Thanks" you said,getting up."Anytime" he said. You walked slowly to the common room,watching the paintings move and talk to each other.You went into the common room,and straight up to your dormitory. You saw Hermione pacing around the room,furious for some reason. "What's wrong?" you asked.
  5. "Ronald blamed for killing his rat, Scabbers!" she practically exploded. You rolled your eyes. "Did he do it? Crookshanks?" "No"."Well then it's nothing to worry about. He'll get over it" you reassured Hermione. The next morning in Herbology,Hermione timidly asked Ron how Scabbers was."He's hiding at the bottom of my bed,shaking",Ron said angrily.
  6. As you left Transfiguration later, McGonagall called to the class. "One moment please!! As your all in my house, you should hand Hogsmeade permission forms to me before Halloween. No form,no visiting the village so don't forget!" Neville raised his hand. Please,Professor, I-I think I've lost-" "your grandmother sent yours directly to me,Longbottom" said McGonagall. "She seemed to think it was safer. Well that's all,you may leave. The class departed,and you went to ask Remus to sign your permission form to Hogsmeade.
  7. As you reached the DADA classroom, the 5th year students were just leaving.Cedric passed you and smiled,and one of the twins grabbed you in a headlock while the other grabbed your Hogsmeade permission form. "Give it back!!" you said when the twin released you. "Guess which twin I am and I will" he said, holding it above your head. You tried to grab it by jumping, but you were unsuccessful.
  8. "George" you said. "How did you know?!" he asked. "You're the nicer one " you replied. Fred pretended to look hurt, so you laughed and said " Only joking". They smiled and left.You went into the classroom and saw a tank sitting in the corner,containing a sickly-green creature with sharp little horns,pulling faces and flexing its long fingers.
  9. "What's that?" you asked Remus,who was sitting at his desk. "A grindylow" he replied."It's a water demon. We shouldn't have to much difficulty with him,not after the kappas. The trick is to break his grip. See the abnormally long fingers? Strong,but very brittle." You nodded and put the permission form on Remus's desk. "Will you sign this?" you asked."Of course" he replied.
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