Hogwarts Love Story Part 3

Welcome to Part three!! Take part one and two if you haven't already or you mightn't understand.......

The choices are the same as usual Oliver,Cedric,Draco,Harry,Ron and the wins!!

Created by: 5thMarauder
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  1. Harry walked up the steps and the rest of the class followed.You emerged into the strangest-looking classroom you had ever seen.In fact;it didn't look like a classroom at all.It looked more like someone's attic and an old-fashioned teashop.At least twenty small circular tables were crammed into it,all surrounded by armchairs and pouffes.It was lit with a dim crimson light and there were many lamps.It was stiflingly warm,and the fire which was burning under a crowded mantelpiece was giving off a heavy,sickly sort of perfume as it heated a large kettle.The class sat on chairs or pouffes and you sat next to a boy with brown hair."Where is she?" you heard Ron say to Harry.A voice suddenly came out of the shadows,a soft sort of misty voice."Welcome" it said."How nice to see you in the physical world at last".You frowned, the heat giving you a headache.
  2. You tried to stifle a laugh as the teacher emerged into the light.Your immediate impression was of an overgrown,glittering insect.You caught Harry's eye and saw that he too,was refraining from laughing.You hid your mouth behind you hand and grinned at Harry,him doing the same in reply."Welcome to Divination"the teacher said."I am professor Trelawny.You may not have seen me before.I find that descending too often into the hustle and bustle of the main school clouds my Inner Eye".Nobody said anything at this extraordinary pronouncement.You felt your eyelids drooping as Trelawny continued speaking,but your eyes snapped open as she spoke to the boy next to you."Is your grandmother well?" "I think so" he replied."I wouldn't be so sure if I were you,my dear" she replied and looked at you."Are your sisters all right?" she asked you and you struggled to keep a straight face."I don't have any sisters" you replied."Ah.." she said and moved on.You sighed and rested your head on your hands and felt yourself falling asleep again.You jumped as you woke suddenly,hearing the professor gasp."My dear" she said,pointing at Harry."You have the Grim!" "The what?" Harry said."My dear boy,it is an omen-the worst omen,of death!" You didn't believe this,as you thought divination to be a hoax.
  3. The rest of the day flew by,until care of magical creatures.It was your first ever lesson and everyone else's too."Everone gather round the fence here!" Hagrid called."Open your books!" "How?" came the cold drawling voice of Draco Malfoy."You've got to stroke them" said Hagrid.You didn't hear the rest of the conversation as you were staring at some giant animals.
  4. "Oooohhh!" you heard someone squeal,pointing into the paddock.Trotting towards you were a dozen creatures.They had the bodies,hind legs and tails of horses,but the front legs,wings and heads of eagles."Hippogriffs!" Hagrid roared happily,pointing at them."So,do you want to come a bit nearer?" Nobody moved,except you.You stepped forward and people behind you whispered."Good on you _____!" Hagrid roared."Right then,lets see how you get on with Buckbeak".He untied one of the chains and a grey hippogriff walked forward straight to you bowing low.You were surprised,you thought that you were meant to make the first move."He seems to really like you _____!" said Hagrid.You can touch him now,pat his beak,go on!" You reached up cautiously and patted Buckbeak on the beak and he nudged your shoulder gently.The class broke into applause,and you heard Hagrid say "OK,you can ride him now".You felt a rush of nerves and doubt run through you,and when Hagrid lifted you onto Buckbeak's back,you protested worriedly."Make sure you don't pull out any of his feathers,'cause he won't thank you for it" said Hagrid as he slapped the hippogriff's hindquarters.
  5. The net thing you knew,you were soaring through the air,over the lake and around the castle.You saw some seventh years yell and point at you,and Buckbeak soared towards them giving them a scare.As you flew past them, you saw Oliver grinning.As you grinned even harder,he blushed agin and turned away from his friends,so they wouldn't see.When you landed,you were disappointed that it was over.The class cheered and went over to the other hippogriffs bowing and patting them.You suddenly heard a yell and looked over to see the pale boy who had made fun of Harry, rolling in the dirt,blood on his shirt.Hermione ran over and said "Hagrid, he needs to see the nurse"."I'm the teacher,I'll do it" replied Hagrid
  6. Before you knew it,it was the evening and you,Hermione and Ginny (who had just been introduced to) were heading to dinner.The three of you sat at the end of the Gryffindor table,and began eating your dinner.You were sitting next to Hermione and facing Ginny,who leaned over and whispered."The quidditch captain,Oliver Wood is staring at you ______" You and Hermione turned to you left and sure enough,he was.He bit his lip and looked down,suddenly very interested in his hands.What do you do?
  7. After dinner,Hermione disappeared with Ron and Harry,so you and Ginny headed back to the common room. You sat next to her on the sofa and you two began to talk.She suddenly giggled and looked over your shoulder."What?" you said and turned around.When you did so,you saw Oliver staring at you again and this time he grinned at you and blushed a bit.AGAIN.His friends turned around and looked at you and then turned around and began to whisper and nudge Oliver.When you turned back to Ginny,she raised her eyebrows."What?" you said,trying to sound innocent but you could feel the colour flooding into your cheeks."Do you like him?" she asked."I-I don't know" you said,but you were thinking:
  8. You got up to go for a walk around the castle,and you walked for ages,until you bumped into none other than Oliver."Hi" he said,looking down at you since he was so tall."Hi" you said,grinning mischievously."Why do you keep staring at me?" you asked.Oliver swallowed nervously and looked around before saying:
  9. "I really like you, _____".
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