A Hogwarts Love Story - Part Three [Christmas]

Ding-ding! Part three is here! Sorry for the long and extremely overdue wait; I got tied up in exams and other stuff. Anywho, I would appreciate it if you guys emailed me at Allycatquizzes@gmail(.)com, or allysrawr@hotmail(.)com without the parenthesis! I'd love to chat with you guys! Oh, and please disregard any spelling mistakes, as I was in a bit of a rush to get it out. But, enjoy!

Starting from year 3 to 8, you'll attract the attention from many boys. But, the question is: Who will you choose? Lookie here; lots of drama, yes? Haha, don't worry, it will all be better soon.

Created by: Allycat
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  1. You skipped along the hallways, putting a few trinkets here and there, along the walls. A few paintings grumbled in protest, but you just grinned. “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bell rock...” You trailed off, humming to the song. You soon came across the Fat Lady, and muttered the password. “Merry Christmas!” The Fat Lady cheered joyfully to you, and you returned the favor by giving a nod. As you walked into the Gryffindor Common Room, you were greeted by a happy Harry and a still-ignoring-you Ronald. "Anyway, guys,” You broke into a smile, and Harry raised his eyebrows, but Ron stayed silent. “I was wondering…if maybe you wanted to help hang some decorations?” As you spoke, they stared at you in disbelief. “The whole castle?” Ron said quietly, and you nodded. They looked at each other, then at you, and shrugged. “Sure.” Harry responded, and Ron nodded in agreement. With that, you grabbed their hands and ran out of the Common Room, casually making up some ‘little talk’ along the way.
  2. The three of you walked along the corridor in an awkward silence. You simply nodded in agreement when they placed decorations upon the walls. As you turned the corner, them right on your trail, you collided with another figure. You stumbled backwards, slamming into Harry, who slammed into Ron. In the blink of an eye, you were all in a heap on the floor, looking up at the face of Oliver Wood. He reached out and pulled you from the floor, then proceeded to help Ron and Harry up. "Sorry," Oliver murmured, his face full of concern. "Did I hurt you?" You shook your head in reply. "I'm fine, thanks."
  3. The atmosphere then got awkward and fuzzy, leaving you four in silence. You finally broke it after what seemed like forever. "Soo, um, would you mind helping us with the decorations?" He nodded, and you handed him a box. Together, you lead them down the hallways, hanging the ornaments without further interruptions.
  4. A long hour passed and you found yourself and the guys, standing in the middle of the Great Hall. You stared up at the giant Christmas tree, levitating the strands of popcorn and bulbs with your wand. You finally propped the star on top and turned to face the guys. "Wow," Harry breathed. "I know, right?!" Ron whisper-shouted. Oliver smiled, "Good job _____." He leaned over and gave you a peck on the cheek. Your face went red hot. "I--er--," You stuttered, frantically racking your mind for a way to steer the conversation away.
  5. "Oh, look, it's Neville!" You said quickly, turning around and facing Neville, who had cleared his throat. His cheeks were a rosy pink as he tugged at your arm, pulling you gently out of the Great Hall and into an empty corridor. "Didn't want to be embarresed," he muttered to himself, almost inaudible, but your attention was gained again as he pulled out a velvet red box. "Is..is this for me?" You felt your face getting hot. Neville handed it to you with a nod. "Open it," He said. You did so, carefully and slowly tipping the lid open. Inside laid a sterling silver charm braclet. One charm was a christmas tree, another was a heart, and the third one was...nothing. "Um, it's missing one," You whispered. "Nope," Neville grinned, holding out another hand. There laid four charms. "I got these too, so you could pick one." You smiled lightly, and reached over and picked the...
  6. After a moment of deciding, you picked the ___ charm and clasped it onto the empty place on your new braclet. Neville put it around your wrist. "I love it!" You cried happily, flinging your arms around his neck in a tight embrance. You could feel the heat coming off of his cheeks and giggled quietly, too low for him to hear, and let go. "Thank you, Neville." Neville beamed. "Your welcome!" With that, you grabbed his hand and walked back into the Great Hall, where the other guys were trying to put the star on the tree. Your thoughts on Neville's gift?
  7. Ron was standing on Harry's shoulders, who was standing on Oliver's back. "Um, guys?" Silence. "Guys?" Silence. "GUYS?!" They looked down at you. "What?" "We have magic, you know..." You trailed off, raising an eyebrow slightly. Ron laughed nervously. "Pfft. I knew that." "So did I!" Harry said, smiling uneasily. "As did I," Oliver chimed in. Ron stepped backwards, but, forgetting that he was standing on Harry, he fell. Harry looked down. "Uh, you okay, Ron?" He said, getting off of Oliver. "Does it LOOK like I'm okay?!" Ron yelled.
  8. After helping Ron up and helping him to a seat, you sat down aswell, inbetween him and Harry. Neville sat across from Harry, and Oliver sat across from you. You smiled. "This is nice. All we're misssing is--" At that moment, Hermione and Ginny ran in. When Hermione saw Ron, half-leaning on you, she went red, but Ginny patted her shoulder. "Guys. Look what we found." Ginny held up a sterling silver ring and a green center. "It was by the Fat Lady when we passed by." You stood and took the ring. Putting it at an angle, you saw, clearly hand-written on the inside, 'Property of D.M.' At that moment, Draco walked in, eyes locking on the ring.
  9. "Give. It. Back." Draco hissed. "Oh, calm down." You said whilst rolling your eyes. "I will." Draco's eyes went wide in surprise. "Really?" "Yup!" You chirped. "Thank y--" Draco started, but you cut him off. "If," You smiled. "you spend Christmas with us," You gestured around you. "Why would I spend Christmas with Gryffindorks?" He muttered. "Because," you snapped, walking over to him. "Nobody deserves to be alone on Christmas."
  10. Even though you held a slight grudge on Draco after he laughed when you tripped and made you fall into the lake--purposly or accidently?--you knew that nobody deserved to be alone on the holidays. After a minute of silence, you smiled. "And it's time for..." "PRESENTS!" Hermione and Ginny squealed.
  11. Gifts were exchanged, cheer was everywhere--even Draco cracked a smile and laugh every now and then. You'd received (surpisingly) a box of chocolates from Ron; a moving picture of you and Harry laughing, from Harry; the charm braclet from Neville; a copy of "Hogwarts: A History" from Hermione and a pack of makeup from Ginny. The only people you hadn't gotten anything from was Draco and Oliver.
  12. Soon, everyone had left. Neville and Ron went to bed. Harry had winked at you (which cause your heart to flutter) and was about to speak when Ron stomped back in and dragged Harry out. You snickered. Ginny and Hermione hugged you and followed the boy's example. Oliver had went to "get something", promising he'd be right back, and Draco was sitting next to you.
  13. Draco furrowed his brow. "Do I get the ring back now?" "Well..." You grinned. "I am one to keep my promises, so, yes." You pulled out the ring, and handed it to him. Taking you by surprise, he took the ring and slipped it onto your finger. "I was going to give it to you in the first place, but then you wouldn't give it back, and made me--" You cut him off by kissing his cheek. "Thank you," You whispered, a small smile on your lips. He blinked, and placed a finger on his cheek, then smiled. "...Your welcome."
  14. Afterwards, Draco left with a wave and smile. You watched him leave until he was out of sight, and sighed, tapping your foot. The sound echoed throughout the Great Hall. A minute later, Oliver came in. "Sorry to keep you waiting." You shrugged. "It's fine," was your reply. "But why do you have your broom?" His eyes twinkled. "Care to take a ride?" You nodded almost instantly, and followed him outside.
  15. You found yourself on the back of Oliver's broom, hair flouncing gently around your face. He laughed. "Hang on!" He warned, and made a sharp turn around the Gryffindor tower, passing the window. Inside, you heard yelps of surprise and saw shocked faces. Your laugh filled the air, and for a moment, your worries were temporarily forgotten. Nothing could make this moment better.
  16. Viola! The third part to my new series. I apologize for being so many months late. I'll work to get the next part out this week. I'd just like to thank @Bluebird, because lately, she has been my inspiration. Anyhow, if I'm extremely lucky, the New Years part will be out today. Also, on another note, if anyone wants to look out for updates, my tumblr is allysrawr! Thanks for the support, guys! :)

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