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READ THE BELOW WORDS IN THE PARAGRAPH 2!!Don't forget to have a merry christmas!Don't forget to have a merry christmas!Don't forget to have a merry christmas!

I know that this is pretty late.It's not even christmas anymore.But,PART 7 IS OUT TOO!REMEMBER THAT!GO TAKE PART 7!PLEASE!TAKE THE QUIZ!NOW!GO!TAKE!IT!

Created by: KaliaRox
  1. You wake up in your room.You get up,stretch and look at the clock:6:00AM.You groan.It's winter break.You look at the calendar.Your eyes widen.You rush,take a shower,get dressed,and put on make up if you do.You rush outside and see the house decorated with Christmas trees everywhere.Flashing lights so bright,that you had to blink just to adjust to the light.No one's up yet.You go to everydoor and bang your hands as hard as you could screaming,"WAKE UP!WAKE UP!"You ran downstairs and sat down on the coach.Jon,Jasper,Elijah,and Jessie came down still wearing pajama's."What's wrong?"Jon says drowsily."Don't you remember?"They shake their heads."Wow.IT'S CHRISTMAS!"Everyone's suddenly awake,getting excited.Except one person."Hey...where's Kail?"You ask curiously."Still upstairs sleeping."Jacob says.You get a mischevious smile on your face."This is gonna be fun,anyone wanna come?"You ask.Jessie immediatly raises her hand."Let's go!"You say grabbing it and running up the stairs.You pull her all the way to Kail's room.You run to the bathroom and grab something.You slowly walk into Kail's room.You shake him a bit.Jessie is watching the whole time curiously."Wake up Kail."You whisper softly."Five more minutes mom..."And then he snores."Sure."You say taking the obbject out from behind your back.Jessie sees it and gasps.You put the object about two feet away from Kail's head,and it's pointing down for safety precautions.You press the button and.....,the airhorn makes the loudest noise you have ever heard.Kail immediatly gets up and his forehead clashes with yours."Owww"You both say.You hold onto your now red forehead."WHAT WAS THAT!"Kail screeches."Nothing.Not even close to this!"You say handing Jessie a can of silly string.You both spray Kail so that he has silly string all over.He gets up."You two are SO dead!"He says taking his pillow and hitting you guys with it.You run out of the room to see the other guys looking questionly up at you,until they see Kail.Kail still has the pillow and is still hitting you and Jessie with it playfully.They all burst out laughing.You spray Kail again and run down the stairs,only to trip halfway,and have Jon catch you.You look up at him and blush.The room turns quiet.He gently sets you down.You thank him.Then Kail runs down the stairs and trips the same way you did.Instead of catching him,Jon and him collide and both fall to the ground.You laugh and so does everyone else."Let's go to the tree now!"You say while pulling Kail and Jon up."Thanks!"Kail says,then hits you one more time with the pillow.You spray him once more and then run to sit down.
  2. Everyone rushes around you to sit.All except Jacob who is passing out the gifts this year.Fast forward a bit-Jessie got a talking monkey from Kail,Earrings from Jacob,a new outfit from Jon,and a photo album from Elijah:).Jacob so far got was a new football from Jon,A lava lamp from Jessie,a rubber ducky radio from Kail,and a new jacket from Jessie.Elijah got a couple of cd's from Jacob,and $50 itunes card from Jon,and $200 check from Jessie(cuz they're brother and sister),and headphones from Kail.They were shaped like Monkeys.Jon got a PARTY BOY!Jacket from Kail,new sunglasses from Jessie,a new pair of his favorite shoes from Jacob,and a new ipod case with his favorite quote on it from Elijah.Kail,got a stuffed pig(which he loved)from Jessie,a very confusing backpack from Jacob,a 101 BEST JOKES OF ALL TIME book from Jon,and a poster of Kail's saying ever'I'm lost, I've gone to look for myself, so if I get back before I return, Please ask me to wait.'.You haven't given them your present yet.First you give Kail a t-shirt that said 'I'm confused. No wait... Maybe I'm not. -Kail Conway Radke' He shrieks with excitement and gives you a hug.You give him a hug back.He quickly puts the shirt on over his silly string stained pajama shirt.You laugh,and pull out your present for Jacob.You hand it to him.He slowly unwraps it.His eyes widen as he sees the football signed by his favorite player-Jerry Rice.He literally jumps through the air and tackles you with a bear hug saying "Thank You!"Repeatedly.Not only was it signed,but you got Jerry to write 'Merry Christmas Jacob Rolau!' On it.Next you give Elijah his gift.You take the small box of a new ipod to him.His eyes widen and he gently gives you a hug.He gives you a genuine smile.Next you pull out Jessie's gift.You hand her a beautiful necklace that was shaped like a rain drop-her favorite weather.She was really happy(i'm not gonna say she gave you a hug,because i say that to much.).Finally,you pull Jon's gift.You hand him three tickets to his favorite band-Green Day(me:This boy has good Taste in music xD).He looks at you with wide eyes.While everyone else turns away,he whispers in your ear "Wanna go with me?"He says excitedly.You nod,eyes beaming.You thought that he'd give it to one of his many brothers(one sister,and four brothers.).He grins.
  3. Jessie walked over to you,and handed you this beautiful statue of a glass star."It's beautiful."You breathe.It really was.You throw your arms around her."We girls gotta stick together!"She says happily."Okay _____.This present is very special.It's the present to you,from all of us guys."Elijah says.Your eyes go to Jessie,she shrugs.Jessie doesn't know.They bring out a huge present.The familiar christmas wrapping brought back memories from when you were a little girl.You grin.There was a couple of holes at the top of the box.You looked up at the guys,and they nodded.You slowly took of the wrapping paper,revealing a box.You take of the lid.Something flies at you,and you're tackled to your back.The thing starts licking your face.You pick it up and see an adorable-Puppy!"Oh my gosh!"You squeal.You stand up and tackle the guys to the floor,with help from the puppy.Everyone laughs."It's a little boy puppy.Name it anything you want."Jacob says.(BY THE WAY,THIS WILL BE A CONTEST!The first three people to enter a name,will then be voted to see which name the dog will be named.I think that makes sense.).The puppy was an orange Akita.It was just a puppy-less that 3 weeks old.So please vote on it.You squeal.You all hang out until the end of the day,when you go to fall asleep.The still unamed puppy climbs at the foot of your bed,and falls asleep next to you.The end of christmas special.
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  5. But,i worked hard on it.
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