Snow and Mistletoes at Hogwarts!

The snow is falling down and dusting Hogwarts with it, turning it into a dream! The air is full of love and joy as Christmas comes around! Professor Dumbledore sure has out done himself this year for Christmas! You get to spend it with James,Sirius,Remus,Peter,Lucius, and don't forget Severus! I can tell, this will go well....

This is a Christmas edition in the series "˜Before Harry Potter...Romance at Hogwarts' There's currently 3 parts out in the series not including this special edition so if you like this, then please check them out! Thanks & enjoy...

Created by: XxxKaliaxxX
  1. You're sitting at dinner on Christmas Eve,munching on your food as you talk to the few people around you, as not many people wanted to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays though there were a decent amount. You hear the laughter of the Marauders from the Gryffindor table and as you look around you see Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape sitting at the Slytherin table. The headmaster,Professor Dumbledore, stands up and clears his throat as he stood on the owl podium. The laughter from the Gryffindor tables ceases slowly and the headmaster smiles. "I hope you're enjoying your year at Hogwarts so far my students. I have an important announcement to make. We won't be having a Christmas feast this year." Murmurs echoed around the room at this announcement and people exchanged odd looks. "Instead, we will be having a ball!" You could feel the shock around the room at Dumbledore's words. Then slowly, someone began to clap and everyone in the Great Hall rose, clapping. Professor Dumbledore bowed, his blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles. Your thoughts:
  2. The headmaster waited patiently for the Great Hall to settle down so he could continue. "The ball will be hosted in the Great Hall tomorrow at 6 o'clock. There will also be sleigh rides for two outside on the grounds, pulled by Abraxan, or winged horses." At this announcement squeals could be heard from some girls. Sara, your room mate was smiling as she heard this. "Sounds like fun. We're so going!" She whispered. You knew it was hopeless to argue so you nodded. Soon, dinner is over and you go up to your room, falling asleep. The next morning you wake up early and shake Sara awake. Your other room mates are already awake. You look at the pile of presents, tearing open one after another. You received homemade fudge from your parents, a frosty blue colored ruffled shirt from Sara,chocolate frogs from Remus, a new copy of Hogwarts, A History from James since you lost yours earlier in the year, a large box of Drooble's Best Blowing Gum from Sirius, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from Peter, a book on ancient runes from Severus shockingly enough, and a book on how to protect yourself against the Dark Arts from an unknown person. You smile, thinking of all the presents you received. Much more then last year. Who's present do you like the most?
  3. "Hold still!" You cringed as Sara ran a brushed through the knots in your hair. You were certain that she had used at least 5 hair products already. She stopped and began to brush blush on your cheeks, and added eyeshadow,eyeliner, and lip gloss."Alright! I'm done!" She spun you around in the chair so you faced the mirror. Your hair was swept to the side and in perfect waves down one shoulder. In your hair was a jeweled headband, made with real diamonds. On one part of the headband, there were swirled designs with jewels that were a white-cream color and some onyx black jewels as well. Your cheeks were dusted with blush so now they were a light,rosy pink. Your eyelids were a faint sapphire blue thanks to the eyeshadow and your eyes were lined a charcoal black color because of the eyeliner. Your lips were a glossy,almost cotton candy pink though a bit lighter with a tint of sparkle. You stood up to look at the dress. It was short, strapless, royal blue dress that had sparkling beads on the sweetheart neckline and empire waist. A flowing drape cascaded down the front and as it went down, the bottom flowed because it was loose-fitting.The dress was made out of silk. You clasped on a simple silver chain with aqua blue teardrops dangling from the chain. As you looked in the mirror again you seemed unrecognizable. "So?" asked Sara. "I love it." You responded,smiling. Sara beamed, the smile seeming to make her look even more beautiful in her long white dress that flared out at the ends. She had done her hair in a elegant up do. You slipped on your silver high heels as Sara put on her black ballet flats. Sara hooked her arm through yours as you left your room and headed to the Great Hall. As you walked you thought about:
  4. You gasped as you approached the Great Hall. A giant tree dusted with snow that fell from the ceiling and assorted ornaments glimmered and glowed like a star. There were some round tables set out, each with different assorted ice sculptures and flickering candles with blue flames. The snow was supposedly warm and dry.Students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were also invited for once so now the Great Hall was more crowded. The room fell silent for a moment as you walked in,stares boring into you. You blushed as you heard a wolf whistle come from the crowd. You could hear murmurs from other people. "Is that _________?" "Woah, she's hot." "I wish I looked like her." "I never knew _______ was this pretty." As music started to play the murmuring stopped and people started to dance with their boyfriends and girlfriends. You spot Lucius out of the corner of your eye and even he seems to be staring at you like you were an angel that fell from the heavens. Sara says,"I'm going to get a drink." You nod and as soon as Sara left your side,Sirius replaced her. He was wearing a classic black and white tux,stormy gray eyes sparkling. He smiled and held out a hand. "Dance with me?" He takes your hand anyway,wrapping an arm around your waist as he held your hand with his other hand.You look around, unsure what to do with the other hand. You got your answer. Shoulder. As you swayed to the slow song playing,a muggle christmas song,you and Sirius talk about school,Quidditch, and other topics. As you were whirled around though, you spotted Lucius smirking at you before you were face to face with Sirius again. The song ended and you broke away from Sirius. He flashed you a smile, complete with the Black charm and said,"It was a pleasure to dance with the prettiest girl at the ball first tonight.A lot of guys like you y'know..." You:
  5. With a wink, Sirius departs and blends in with the crowd. You decide to go get a drink so you head to the refreshment table.You grabbed a cup of water and walk over to James and Peter. They greet you warmly and Peter seems to be almost drooling over you until James punches his shoulder to get his attention. You chat for a while,James cracking a few perverted jokes, before going to throw away your cup. You enjoyed talking to:
  6. You decide to head outside to possibly get on a sleigh ride, since it was snowing outside. That would just make the magic complete! As you walk you decide to take a shortcut but come face to face with Amos Diggory. You give a small, awkward smile to him,not really knowing him well. In a split second, Amos leans forward, and you feel pressure on your lips as he tries to force his tongue into your mouth, you resist and finally break away from him. Sirius staggers up, face red. He was obviously a bit drunk. "HEY! DIGGORY! GET AWAY FROM MY GIRL!" Amos looks startled at the sight of the enraged Sirius. "DIGGORY! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!" Amos looks at you wide-eyed and murmurs,"Mistletoe." He flees, an unhappy Sirius following. You glance up, and find nothing. Your thoughts:
  7. You continue on, a bit upset that Amos had just kissed you out of the blue. So what Sirius had said was true. A lot of guys did like you... You were starting to wonder why. As you walked through the empty hall,since you decided to use a shortcut,you hummed along, thinking you were alone, until you sighted Severus with a few other Slytherins talking in hushed tones, one of them you recognized as Bellatrix and another as Avery. The other Slytherins gave you cold stares as you approached but Severus offered a small, but timid smile. "Hello __________." he said. "Hi Sev." you respond. You think:
  8. After a long,stony silence you decide to make your exit. "Well,uh,merry Christmas Severus. Thanks for the book by the way." You walk away but you could feel the shock crackling in the air as you left. You could hear raised whispers at your words as you walked away. Finally, you arrive outside and walk over to the sleighs where a line had formed. White and palomino Abraxans were pulling sleighs, some were standing on the ground as couples and friends boarded the sleighs while other Abraxans took off, flying in the frigid air of Hogwarts as the golden sleigh bells rang out, glimmering in the sky. You hear your name being called so you turn your head to see Remus waving at you from a sleigh. You hurry over to join him and think:
  9. Remus grinned as he held out a hand and you accepted it as he helped you up. The Abraxans started to trot and then they lifted into the air,beating their large wings. You could hear the chiming of the bells on the side of the sleigh as you flew in the sky. The icy wind whipped around you and you shivered. Remus seemed to notice and he took off his jacket,draping it around your bare shoulders. "T-Thanks Remus." you said. He merely nodded, smiling, his face bright and cheerful.All Remus had on now was a crisp,long-sleeve shirt. You looked down at the lake below you. The flakes of snow fluttered down and stuck to your eyelashes. You looked up at Remus,a hint of a smile on your face. You leaned over, and hugged Remus, wrapping your arms around him. He was stiff for a moment before he relaxed a bit,wrapping his own arms around you,and you leaned your head against his surprisingly warm chest,and closed your eyes, savoring how magical this moment was. "Merry Christmas Remus." you murmured to him. "Merry Christmas _______." he responded, his voice soft and alluring. Nothing could have shattered that perfect moment on Christmas. It was truly, the best Christmas ever.
  10. I've finished the Christmas edition at last though it's 5-6 days late... Haha I hope that you'll all forgive me,and I hope the quiz makes up for my lateness. Also,Merry {late} Christmas! I hope you loved reading and participating in this quiz as much as I loved writing the quiz. Working on the New Years Edition now! Only 2 days... Oh how I hate deadlines.Oh! Almost forgot. I'm thinking of doing another series of Harry Potter,like this, but instead for guys and it'll be the 2nd generation with Harry,Hermione,etc. Tell me what you think! Well,I'll be off now. I appreciate all the support and the growing number of fans after each quiz I publish. Let me know what you think of the quiz in the comments. Rate,give me suggestions,ideas, and just blab if you want. I'll be updating the last quizzes when I have finished one quiz so keep looking at the comments. Thanks! Okay, have a Happy New Year!

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