Create a snowman!

There are many types of snowmen/snowomen. What is a snowman/snowomen? A snowman is a pretend man made from snow. A snowomen is a pretend women made from snow.

What would YOUR snowman/snowomen look like? Would they be tall or short? Smile or frown? Love the Holiday you celebrate, or not? Have a carrot nose? If you want to know, I suggest you take this quiz!

Created by: Alison

  1. What type of nose would you like?
  2. What type of smile would your snowman have?
  3. Would your snowman have a hat?
  4. Would your snowman have a scarf?
  5. Would your snowman have mittens?
  6. What accesory would your snowman have?
  7. What size would your snowman be?
  8. What color would your snowman like?
  9. Would your snowman love whatever Holiday you celebrate? (Answer No if you don't celebrate a Holiday)
  10. Did my website bring you here?

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