How Should You Confess to Your Crush?

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This quiz is about love, duh. The quiz made me use A certain amount of words, so other than this being about your crush, I will now make a snowman in the second paragraph.

.-~~\ / \ _ ~x .-~_)_ ~x".-~ ~-. _ ( / \ _ || T o o Y || ==:l l < ! I;== \\ \ .__/ / // \\ ,r"-,___.-'r.// }^ \.( ) _.'//. / }~Xi--~ // \ Y Y I\ \ " Y | | |o\ \ | | l_l Y T | -I tried. l "o l_j ! \ / ___,.---^. o .^---.._____ "~~~ " ~ ~~~"

Created by: Rose N.

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How does your crush act around you?
  2. How do you feel about directly talking with your crush?
  3. What do your friends think of your crush?
  4. Here's a freebie. What way would you like to confess?
  5. How do you treat your crush?
  6. Would you marry your crush?
  7. Are your parents okay with your relashionships?
  8. Does your ship name sound good/your first name and his last name/vice versa? Ex:Keden(kEEden), Eden Malan
  9. Running out of ideas... Who is your crush to you?
  10. Who would confess first?
  11. Last one! How did you enjoy this quiz? This wont count as a question, I just want feedback.

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Quiz topic: How should I Confess to my Crush?