Who to pick? (I need help!!!)

I need your help! PLEASE! You have no idea how much this means to me! If you do....I will....love you forever! Okay, that's awkward D8.....never mind! Lol. But please help! :'(

This paragraph is really important!!! It's part of the story!!! So...Charlie is my crush who I REALLY like but he probably doesn't even know I exist and John is the dude I text daily and he's really sweet :} So, I'm not sure who to pick! xD! Please help me!!! :'(

Created by: Metallic
  1. So....first of all, Charlie is like perfect for me and all but he's kinda a jerk and slightly perverted and he probably doesn't even know I go to our school. But he's basically the dude I've been dreaming of since I was little. You might not understand......
  2. Oh, thank you for helping me, by the way :)
  3. And then there's John. I got his number basically just for fun and then I ended up really liking him. My mood brightens whoever he texts me....but it's almost like what I feel for him isn't....deep....true.....real....? If you know what I mean....?
  4. But John and I don't really have anything in common :/ We have like nothing to talk about. And Charlie and I share EVERYTHING in common!!!
  5. It seems like Charlie and I are meant to be together...like, what we want for our futures match up perfectly. John and I are the total opposite as far as what we want out of life!
  6. John is really sweet :} Almost too much, sometimes......it gets annoying. And boring. I wish he would be more down-to-earth. Which Charlie totally is. But Charlie's not sweet. And sometimes I could care less about "╦ťsweetness'......
  7. I've liked Charlie longer, if that helps any. I haven't talked much with Charlie, though. He's really smart and he's into politics like I am; we could have a whole discussion about politics all day! And John doesn't really care about politics. He wants to be a professional athlete which I think is a dumb career goal for him. He's not that good at sports. Sorry to say...
  8. I can't go a day without thinking about John! He is really nice to me and never causes me any pain at all!!! Charlie on the other hand.....xD......
  9. I would honestly say that I LOVE Charlie!!! And then John....I like him, but that's all...........
  10. PLEASE comment. Because I won't know your score, otherwise, and you will have taken this quiz for no reason and you won't help me D': :(

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