"pick one" quiz!!!

This quiz is all about picking, and you can pick whatever you want in any of the quiestions. I think you'll really enjoy it and it is fun for the whole family!

Scores mean nothing on this quiz and whatever you get, it doesn't even matter. I KNOW you'll love this quiz because yuo can pick whatever you want whenever!

Created by: Kaylie beale
  1. Pick a color.
  2. Pick a number.
  3. Pick a teacher.
  4. Pick a season.
  5. Pick a name for pidgie the pigeon
  6. Pick a candy.
  7. Pick a letter.
  8. Pick one.
  9. Pick a face.
  10. Pick one!
  11. Pick a bird.
  12. Pick a dog.
  13. Pick a reptile or amphibian.
  14. Pick a flavor.
  15. Pick a boys name.
  16. Pick a girls name.
  17. Pick a abbreviation.
  18. Pick a fruit.
  19. Pick a veggie.
  20. Pick a singer.
  21. Pick one.

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