The "I hate twilight" quiz

Twilight is overatted and stupid. If you're smart you will pick the first answer for every question. Prove to me that you are not a crazy twilight fan who is blinded by obsession.

Go and prove it! Show the twilight haters that you can join them! The first answer is the one you should pick! If you do pick it, you are smart if not...screw you twiligt fans!

Created by: Sarah
  1. Edward Cullen has....
  2. Bella is a...
  3. Twilight is....
  4. Team Edward or Jacob?
  5. If Alice in wonderland and New moon came out on the same day which one would you have seen?
  6. Are you glad Twilight didn't win an oscar?
  7. Do you think twilight is over rated?
  8. Are you excited for "Eclipse"?
  9. Screw Team edward or jacob, team Johnny depp!
  10. Robert pattinson or Johnny Depp?
  11. Twilight would have been better if it would directed by Tim burton?

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