How much of a Twilight fan are you?

There are many Twilight fans, you and I are two of millions! This quiz is seeing weather you know your Twilight as well as you think you do. I made this out of seeing many other quizzes like this one!

I don't much else to say but all I know is that you'll know how far you're into Twilight after this quiz. I know how far I am...but do you? Find out now! Okay I know that was corny! It wasn't my fault!

Created by: Alice Cullen
  1. In which Twilight saga book does Edward leave Bella?
  2. Which group killed Laurent?
  3. Which book does Emmett tell Bella that he and Rosalie knock down three houses?
  4. Who kills Victoria?
  5. Which werewolf boy is supposed to be the leader but turned down the offer?
  6. What order do the Twilight saga books go in?
  7. In New Moon, which two characters are most like the main characters?
  8. Which couple leave the Cullens in Breaking Dawn?
  9. What coven are Benjamin and Tia from?
  10. What is Bella's full name?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Twilight fan am I?