Expert Twilight Quiz

Think you're a know-it-all Twilight fan? Do you read each book again and again, have a million posters litering your walls, and go on constantly?

Well, before you claim to be a Twilight expert, take this super-detailed quiz and see how you do. It'll put your Twilight-lovingness to the test! Enjoy!

Created by: dreamerktm411
  1. What is Bella wearing as a farewell to the sun while flying to Forks?
  2. Where did Renee and Charlie get married? (Hard!)
  3. What is the name of the high school receptionist, who spoke to Bella on her first day?
  4. What had Edward written on a white sheet of paper, folded in Bella's car seat?
  5. List the names of the Cullens, in the order of which they became vampires.
  6. What is Jasper's special power?
  7. While eating with Bella in the cafeteria, Edward...
  8. On what day do Edward and Bella accidentally wear matching clothing?
  9. Where were the Cullens living when Rosalie rescued Emmett from the bear?
  10. On what page of Twilight does Bella first lay eyes on Edward and his family?
  11. How old was Carlisle when he was turned into a vampire?
  12. Carlisle's father was of what belief system?
  13. Who is the strongest Cullen vampire in Twilight?
  14. After Edward saves Bella from James, she falls asleep hearing Edward say...
  15. Bella eases her mother's worry over her and Edward's relationship by saying...
  16. Who crashes Bella's prom?
  17. Before Bella falls asleep in the hospital in Phoenix, she tells Edward...
  18. What is the name of Twilight's epilogue?
  19. What color tuxedo does Edward wear to the prom?
  20. What are the names of Jacob's sisters?
  21. By what age had Bella complained enough to end the fishing trips with the Blacks?
  22. How many of the Quileute kids were at the beach on the day Bella met Jacob? (Hard!)
  23. Which boy mistakenly thought he was taking Bella to the prom?
  24. How many people were in the group of men following Bella in Port Angeles?
  25. On the last page of Twilight, what does Bella say she dreams about?

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