Twilight series experts

Some people are experts on things and some...aren't. But what is an expert? Well, it someone that can tell you a million things about the subject. They can tell facts from lies.

So, are YOU an expert? Or should I say are YOU a Twilight series expert? If you think you are take this quiz and prove it!!! Come on, don't be shy. step up to the plate and get ready to swing!!!

Created by: Katrina Taylor

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  1. In New Moon whose voice did Bella hear in her head?
  2. In Twilight what did Bella get to eat at the restuarant in Por Angeles?
  3. In Eclipse, during the war Victoria came to kill Bella. Who did she have with her?
  4. In Breaking Dawn, what was Bella able to do?
  5. What is Bella and Edward's daughter's full name
  6. Who did Bella have an arm wrestle with when she was a vampire?
  7. What was the name of the chapter in where Bella found out about the cold ones?
  8. Did Bella believe that Edward really loved her when he came back in New Moon?
  9. Who turned Bella into a vampire?
  10. How did Bella react when she found out Jacob imprinted on her daughter?

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