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The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer is perhaps the best-selling vampire series of all time. Many fans come to GoToQuiz to take our fan-created Twilight quizzes. Are you team Jacob or team Edward? And which character would you be if you lived in Forks, Washington? Test yourself and find out.

Our Twilight Quiz List

  • Which Male Twilight Character Are You?
    [by: Gabriella, rated: rated: 4.19/5, published: Feb 4, 2019]

    Try this quiz and find out which character you are like, out of Edward, Jacob, Mike, Charlie, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Sam, Seth, and James.

  • Which Female Twilight Character Are You?
    [by: Gabriella, rated: rated: 4.15/5, published: Feb 3, 2019]

    A quiz for Twilight fans to see which character you are most like: Bella, Esme, Alice, Rosalie, Jessica, Renesmee, Renee, Bree, Victoria or Emily.

  • Which Female Twilight Character Are You?
    [by: Gabriella, rated: rated: 4.28/5, published: Feb 10, 2019]

    Find out here which female twilight character you are the most like! Although this quiz is just for fun, remember to answer honestly for more accurate results.

  • Which Twilight vampire are you?
    [by: Bella, rated: rated: 4.19/5, published: Dec 2, 2007]

    A vampire is a creature who sucks blood, but the Cullen family only drinks animal blood, not humans. The cullens are a vampire family from the book Twilight…

  • Which Cullen are you?
    [by: Firefly, rated: rated: 4.18/5, published: Jan 9, 2010]

    Are you curious to find out who you are most like? Find out here which cullen character best suits you.All Answers will be based from the twilight series.

  • How Well Do YOU know TWILIGHT??
    [by: Stay Twilight, rated: rated: 3.87/5, published: Feb 1, 2008]

    Twilight. The amazing, critically acclaimed, New York Times BESTSELLER, written by the WONDERFUL Stephenie Meyer, captivating teens, adults, and everyone in…

  • Which Twilight character are YOU?
    [by: Sophia Cullen, rated: rated: 3.81/5, published: Jan 17, 2008]

    Hello There Twilight Fans! This is a quiz to test you and see how close you Really are to one of the characters. I know that All of the characters aren't in…

  • Twilight, Eclipse, & New Moon Test
    [by: Random, rated: rated: 3.78/5, published: Aug 7, 2008]

    Do you love Twilight? Do you love New Moon? And how about Eclipse? Do you think you're a pro at all things vampires? Maybe...? Hehh.. But then again, maybe…

  • Which Male Twilight Character Are You?
    [by: Gabriella, rated: rated: 4.43/5, published: Feb 11, 2019]

    Which male Twilight character are you most like? Find out here in this quiz! This quiz is just for fun, though remember to answer the questions honestly to…

  • Twilight Trivia
    [by: Sam, rated: rated: 4.23/5, published: Aug 11, 2008]

    Many people claim to be twilight fans, but are YOU the real deal??? REAL twilighters eat, drink, and sleep twilight. Many would love to marry Edward or Jacob.…

  • What Twilight character are you?
    [by: indy raphael, rated: rated: 4.23/5, published: Apr 10, 2011]

    Have you ever wondered what Twilight character you are? Are you a cool, stylish vampire like Edward or Alice? Are you a normal but pretty and smart human like…

  • Which Twilight Spoof Character are You?
    [by: E Lunatic, rated: rated: 3.47/5, published: Apr 29, 2009]

    You're probably familiar with Twilight: the novel which has captured the imaginations of legions of vampire-adoring adolescents around the globe. Many groups…

  • Twilight series experts
    [by: Katrina Taylor, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Aug 26, 2008]

    Some people are experts on things and some...aren't. But what is an expert? Well, it someone that can tell you a million things about the subject. They can…

  • Which Twilight character are you?
    [by: TwilightFanatic, rated: rated: 3.38/5, published: Sep 24, 2007]

    I tried to make the characters as hidden as possible, and on the last on it is kinda jacked up but ya know thats how i roll! here is some of the characters i…

  • Which twilight character are you?
    [by: Alice, Gollum, Nell, Kayla, rated: rated: 3.28/5, published: Apr 17, 2007]

    This is a quiz about the most amazing book in the whole world by Stephanie Meyer, TWILIGHT. It is about a family of vampires, and one unusual human girl who…

  • Which TWILIGHT character are you?
    [by: Mark, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Aug 15, 2007]

    This quiz is for everyone who loved the TWILIGHT book series. If you enjoyed the series as much as I did then you will surely want to take this quiz to find…

  • Whose side are you on?(Twilight)
    [by: Laura, rated: rated: 3.06/5, published: Aug 6, 2008]

    Do you like the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyers? If you have not already done so, READ THEM! These books are great! Very fast paced and exciting! What's…

  • Which Stephenie Meyer book is the book for you?
    [by: Jeorgie, rated: rated: 3/5, published: Jun 10, 2008]

    Are you looking for a good book to read? Then look no further than this quiz here! This quiz will set you up with the perfect Stephanie Meyer book for you! …

  • How Well Do You Know Twilight?
    [by: Jessica, rated: rated: 2.96/5, published: Jul 15, 2008]

    There was once darkness. But then one day, God said, "Let there be Stephenie Meyer". And it was good. It was real good. I mean, really really really good.

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