Which twilight character are you?

This is a quiz about the most amazing book in the whole world by Stephanie Meyer, TWILIGHT. It is about a family of vampires, and one unusual human girl who enters into there world. This girl must learn to cope with their differences, all the while her life is in danger. In the midst of all this, she falls in love with one...

So, which Vampire are you? (Edward is the absolute best for the guys, Alice for the Girls.) There are many more vampires in her books, but I am merely focusing on this family... and unfortunately, Bella is not an answer. If you haven't read the books, SHAME ON YOU! I suggest you do so now... it is one of those books that intrigues even those who can't read to save their lives...

Created by: Alice, Gollum, Nell, Kayla
  1. What colour is your hair?
  2. Which is your favourite animal?
  3. Is your true love of your same species?
  4. If you loved someone, would you...
  5. What is your strange power?
  6. Do you have a problem with your temper?
  7. Do you look out for others more, or more for yourself?
  8. Are you obsessed with cars?
  9. Have you ever killed a human?
  10. Do you crave material possessions?

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Quiz topic: Which twilight character am I?