How Well Do You Know Twilight?

There was once darkness. But then one day, God said, "Let there be Stephenie Meyer". And it was good. It was real good. I mean, really really really good.

So you think you know Twilight? Try me. You gotta know your stuff to pass this quiz, and then MAYBE you will be worthy. If you can score 100% then you might as well just be my twin sister/brother.

Created by: Jessica
  1. Who are the "Lion and the Lamb"?
  2. How did Stephenie Meyer first come up with the idea of Twilight?
  3. Where did Stephenie Meyer first begin writing Twilight?
  4. How many versions of Twilight are there?
  5. How many books are there in the Twilight series?
  6. In New Moon, how many months go by before Bella "wakes up"?
  7. In Eclipse, what is the name of the vampire who Victoria tricks into helping her, promising him that she loves him?
  8. In the upcoming, Breaking Dawn, what happens to Bella's truck?
  9. Which book is being made into a movie?
  10. Which page in New Moon does Bella lapse into a detached monolouge where she talks about time?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twilight?