Obsessed with the twilight boys much?

I think there are some true Twilight fans out there, so I made this quiz to help you prove it! I know that if you dont think the same as me, you might get a bad score. But thats okay, not all twilight fanatics think the same. You may be a true twilight fanatic!

Just like me, you may love Twilight, and read it oer and over again until it gets old. WhICH IS NEVER! But come on, you have to have some of the same thoughts as me, if you're a true twilight fan!SO PROVE IT TO ME!

Created by: casey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whos totally hot in twilight movie?
  2. what do you think will be the best movie?
  3. Whos your favorite character from Twilight?
  4. Who do you just LOOOOOOOVE?
  5. Can't you just wait for Midnigt Sun
  6. Whats the best thing you ever heard of?
  8. One word about twilight. What is it?
  9. Whats your favorite cullen girl?
  10. Team Edward or Jacob?

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