Twilight Saga: Who said that? (short quotes)

Many people have read the Twilight Saga and many call themselves Twilight fans, but only SOME of them are true masters of the Twilight knowledge. Wanna know if that´s your case?

Take this very special Twilight Saga quiz and find out! The questions include the shortest Twilight quotes (one or a few words) and we all know that those are really charming, so... enjoy!

Created by: Tar_Ancalime
  1. "Truce over."
  2. "Gotcha."
  3. "Over my piles of ashes."
  4. "Shutting."
  5. "Butt out."
  6. "Your wish, my command."
  7. "Sure, sure."
  8. "Ditching, Bella?"
  9. "My apologies, dog."
  11. "Crap, crap, crap!"
  12. "Just checking."
  13. "Ten on Cullen."
  14. "Enjoy, mongrel."
  15. "Mind over matter."
  16. "I´m sorry, ma´am."
  17. "College schmollege."
  18. "Nice teamwork."
  19. "What a waste!"
  20. "I do." (the most important one/s)

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