How E=WEll Do YOu Know The Twilight Saga

the quiz that i have created is to see how many people are actaully Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn fans. The books were made by Stephenie Meyer and she is my favorite author and i hope she is yours to if not i understand.

Now lets see if you are really a Twilight saga genius or did you just read to barely pass. hahaha. i hope not. The quetions in the quizz are fairly basic and easy im sure you can do great. have fun leave a comment and thanks for taking my quiz.

Created by: chyanne stevens
  1. What is Bellas real name?
  2. What kind of vehicle does Bella get?
  3. What color is her truck?
  4. when Bella goes to Edwards house who does she first see?
  5. In New Moon On Bellas birthday who installs the radio in Bellas truck?
  6. Who tries to attack Bella when she gets a paper cut?
  7. Whos parents do Bella work for?
  8. who helps Bells get out of her depression?
  9. who comes back to get Bella as revenge?
  10. Who is Bellas only bridesmaid?
  11. Who plays the Piano at the wedding?
  12. When Bella first thinks she is pregnant who calls? Keep in note the are stil in the bathroom on the island.
  13. Who wrote the Twilight Saga?

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Quiz topic: How E=WEll do I Know The Twilight Saga