Twilight Saga: Food & Eating

Here comes one of those very specific Twilight saga quizzes. I decided to make it one about food&drinks stuff in the saga, since I found these little details especially interesting.

If you want to know, how much YOU remember, don´t think twice and take the quiz! It might be a little harder than usual ones, but all depends on how carefully you read the books! Good luck and enjoy!

Created by: Tar_Ancalime
  1. What are Emmett´s and Edward´s favourite animals to hunt?
  2. What kind of human food did Edward manage to eat?
  3. What was Charlie trying to cook before ungrounding Bella in Eclipse?
  4. At the Quileute bonfire party in Eclipse, what was Jacob supposed to swallow as the finale?
  5. What was Emily baking when Bella first met her in New Moon?
  6. What kind of food did Esme brought for Bella during the "slumber party" in Eclipse?
  7. Edward never tasted Bella´s...
  8. In the restaurant in Port Angeles (Twilight), Bella decided to have mushroom ravioli. Why?
  9. During the honeymoon on Isle Esme, Bella ate plenty of...
  10. What was the very first thing Bella cooked for dinner in Forks?
  11. The Cullens called themselves "vegetarians", because...
  12. What did Bella have for lunch the first day she sat at the table in cafeteria with Edward?
  13. What was Bella´s usual breakfast while living at Charlie´s?
  14. What did Bella ask the flight attendant to bring her during the flight back from Italy?
  15. What was Seth having for breakfast while warming Bella at the Cullens´ house in Breaking dawn?

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