Do you know what you're eating at local Maine restaurants?

Mainers are always on the go, and often have to stop for fast food along the way to satisfy their rumbling tummies. But do we REALLY know what is in the food that we are eating?

Kids eating at a restaurant consume twice as many calories as when they eat at home. Parents want and need more nutrition information in order to make good food choices for their kids. Parents struggle to balance hectic schedules more and more meals are consumed at restaurants, yet restaurants are where there is the least control over food portions and nutritional content. Maine's obesity rate is rising with over 22% of the adult population ranked as obese and thousands of children at dangerously unhealthy weights. Take the quiz and review your knowledge of the nutritional value of what you are feeding your family when you visit some of Maine's most popular fast food chains.

Created by: Amy of Health Policy Partners of Maine
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  1. Which of these breakfast options from Dunkin' Donuts contains the most CALORIES?
  2. Which of these lunch options from Panera contains over 700 CALORIES?
  3. At McDonald's, which of these lunch options contains the FEWEST CALORIES?
  4. At Pizza Hut, how many CALORIES do you consume when you eat TWO slices of regular cheese pizza cut from a large pie?
  5. Along with your Pizza Hut pizza you order Cheese Breadsticks on the side. How many CALORIES does EACH of these breadsticks provide?
  6. Which contains more total grams of FAT?
  7. Which of these Arby's wraps has the FEWEST number of CALORIES?
  8. Which of these breakfast options from Denny's over 1000 CALORIES?
  9. Which of these tasty treats from Tim Horton's has the MOST SUGAR?
  10. How many milligrams of SODIUM can be found in a serving of Fiery Buffalo Wings at Kentucky Fried Chicken?

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Quiz topic: Do I know what you're eating at local Maine restaurants?