Are You Really From Da?

There are many people who claim to be from Atlanta? Are you one of them? Are you really from Boston pretending to be from Atlanta? Do you know where 559 was? Do you know what MBK used to be?

Are you really from Atlanta or just faking the funk? Take this quiz created by Starr and the help of my local AtAliens and find out hot you really are, if you are worthy of eating peaches?

Created by: starr

  1. What did Metropolitan parkway used to be called?
  2. Where can you get a chili dog walkin?
  3. What did Atlanta medical center used to be called?
  4. What city has the zip codes 30337 and 30349?
  5. What is considered the most eccentric part of Atlanta?
  6. What area is considered the S. W. A. T's?
  7. What does MARTA stand for?
  8. What is spaghetti junction?
  9. What is the main road downtown?
  10. What does yeek mean?
  11. Who originally coined the phrase "dirty south" ?
  12. What is red clay?
  13. What is the true name of Donell Lee Hollowell parkway?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really From Da?