Are You An Atlanta Braves Genius?

Are You An Atlanta Braves Genius quiz is all about the Atlanta Braves and their 2010 season. There is, although no question at all to do with statistics. Make sure you know the players, fields, managers and positions. If you do you'll score high.

This quiz consists of 20 questions all multiple choice! You may think you no a lot about the braves, but do you really know the players? Find out now by taking this quiz created just for you!!!

Created by: Jalapeno

  1. Where do the Atlanta Braves play? (home Field)
  2. What pitcher had to have Tommy John surgery in 2010?
  3. What AMAZING general manager retired after the 2010 series
  4. Who will most likely be playing first base next season?
  5. What is the main color of the braves sunday jerseys?
  6. Omar Infante was traded?
  7. Who was the star rookie in the 2010 season?
  8. What relieving pitcher came from milton high school?
  9. At the end of the 2010 seson, who bat leadoff?
  10. Who usually bats last?
  11. How many games are in a series in the regular season?
  12. Who was removed from third base for the rest of the season after hurting his leg on a grounder?
  13. How long has chipper jones played for the braves?
  14. Who will be the braves general manager this season?
  15. Which two people retired this year(first baseman and releiving pitcher)
  16. What starting pitcher usually pitched on Sundays?
  17. Who did the braves play in the first and only series in the 2010 postseason?
  18. What team was trailing closely behind in second place practically the whole season and finally caught first at the end?
  19. what number is the shortstop alex gonzalez?
  20. What sport are we talking about?

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