Eating Disorder Quiz

Are you feeling dizzy or lethargic do you avoid food or hoard it do you keep your food in properly o do you do something else, take the eating disorder test and find out what you have!!!

Thanks to this great quiz you can find out if you have an eating disorder are you plagued with pro ana thoughts or want to get better take this test it could just change your life.

Created by: amazon
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  1. Do you restrict food?
  2. Do you exercise regularly?
  3. Do you make yourself sick or use laxatives or diuretics?
  4. Do you binge a lot and not get rid of it?
  5. Do you like pro ana/mia sites?
  6. Do you spit and chew?
  7. No matter what I do I just can't seem to lose enough weight.
  8. Do you have thinspirational books or collections on the computer that you look at for inspiration?
  9. Are you part of or dop you own a pro ana/mia site?
  10. Are you ever dizzy and lightheaded / or out of breath when only walking up a short flight of stairs?

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