Eating Disorder Checklist

Our organisation is very concerned about your health and wellness. We would like you to take this quiz to see if you're at risk of an eating disorder.

Visit the website or call the company's number or counseling hotline for any help. Our staff and volunteers are most welcomed to you. Seek for for early help if you are at high-risk of getting eating disorder.

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  1. I feel at ease eating with people or alone.
  2. I enjoy eating meat, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits for a balanced diet.
  3. I love exploring different kinds of foods at outside restaurants and eateries.
  4. I enjoy trying new, rich flavoured foods to satisfy my taste buds.
  5. I feel that my body looks fine, just the way I want it to be.
  6. I like my clothes to fit.
  7. What others say about my body figure doesn't affect my self-esteem.
  8. I can't do without having 3 meals a day, and that excludes snacks.
  9. I exercise regularly to keep in shape.
  10. I think over-exercising is bad for health. "Well, I'm not a pro athlete anyways"
  11. I prepare foods for others but I do not eat them myself.
  12. I will feel nervous prior to mealtimes.
  13. I am terrified about being overweight.
  14. I control my consumption of food even when I am hungry.
  15. I have gone on eating binges where I feel that I may not be able to stop.
  16. I usually eat very small and light meals. (I eat like a bird).
  17. I cut my food into very small pieces before eating them.
  18. I am calculative of the calories content of foods that I eat.
  19. I particularly avoid foods with high carbohydrate content (bread, potatoes, rice, etc.).
  20. I feel bloated and heavy after a normal meal.
  21. I always have family and friends or people telling me to eat more.
  22. I have the impulse to vomit after meals.
  23. I feel extremely guilty after eating.
  24. I am preoccupied with a desire to be thinner.
  25. I exercise strenuously to burn off calories.
  26. I think about cutting down my waistline when I exercise.
  27. I weigh myself several times a day.
  28. I get extremely agitated and concerned when I hear people commenting about my body.
  29. I display self-control around foods.
  30. Other people think I am too thin.
  31. I am preoccupied with the thought of having fats on my body.
  32. I usually take a longer time to finish my meals than others.
  33. I take laxatives. (e.g. to purge and detoxify myself of the food I ate.)
  34. I avoid foods with sugar in them.
  35. I feel uncomfortable after eating high carbohydrate food(s) – e.g. Sweets, Chocolates.
  36. I eat diet foods.
  37. I engage in dieting behaviour.
  38. I feel pressurized when people asks me to eat.
  39. I give too much time and thought to food.
  40. I like my stomach to be empty.

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