Are you a binge eater?

Binge eating is a very complex eating disorder and can be easily mistake for other things such as a love for food or slightly overeating. This is why this quiz has been created- to let people know about the symptoms and to see if there is a possibility that they having an eating disorder.

If you think you are a binge eater or you are interested in the symptoms of binge eating then take this quiz and you learn a lot! The questions are merely yes or no questions so it won't take a minute!

Created by: Vicky
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  1. Do you eat at a huge amount of food in a short time?
  2. Do you eat to the point of discomfort/pain?
  3. Do you feel your eating is out of control?
  4. Do you diet frequently and not lose weight?
  5. Do you eat alone often?
  6. Do you hoard food?
  7. Do you fell depressed or disgusted after seeing how much you have eaten?
  8. Do you get depression or anxiety
  9. Do you regularly eat a large amount of food
  10. Are you unhappy with how much you weigh, your body shape and appearance?

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Quiz topic: Am I a binge eater?