are you a sock eater?

This quiz is for those who like to be random. though the answers are probly wrong, i hope you like the quizz. if you like chocolate, then you get a cookie. You dont like chocolate?!?! YOU DON'T?!?! then dont even bother taking the sock-eater quizz, or take it to make sure you are not a sock eater...

so, wait. Are you a sock eater? because that would be creepy. I mean, who eats socks anyway? that would be an unfortunate discovery, oh and annother thing, you have to be yourself when taking this quizz or the scores don't come out right.

Created by: leona Lewis
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do socks appeal to your taste (if you prefer chocolate, then thats just great)
  2. what do socks look like to you
  3. hmm... what color are your socks?
  4. do socks creep you out?
  5. what do you dream about (and don't you dare choose chocolate)
  6. what is your favorette color (dont say chocolate or no cookie for you)
  7. when you see a sock, you...
  8. can you dance
  9. r u weird?
  10. what can you draw well
  11. and so, are you a sock eater

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Quiz topic: Am I a sock eater?